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Episode · 2 years ago

Guest: Mike Siegel for Congress, USPS Under Attack


Guest, Mike Siegel is the Democratic nominee running to represent Texas’ 10th District (which includes Austin). Also, the USPS is under attack!

It's it is to us the week of August Seventeen, two thousand and twenty. Welcome to the show. How are you guys doing? Katie and Jason still in quarantine the Fabula? Yeah, a lot to talk about this week. The United States Postal Service is under attack. This is probably the biggest story. You know that we've seen a lot of different stories throughout the year and each one is huge and crazy and it's like something just so mindboggling happening that we think it's a big story. But I think this story is actually bigger than all the stories combined. You think this is bigger than covid? Yes, wow, because democracy is being undermine in a way that we have never seen in this country. Democracy depends on this story and what covid will be gone, luckily, fingers crossed, at the end of next year, but our democracy might not be here at the end of next year, and Covid ties into this story. It does. So well, yeah, we'll tell you what we mean by all of that. It really is. This is like an all hands on deck sort of thing and everybody needs to be talking about this. And then we're going to talk to Mike Siegel. He is a teacher and civil rights lawyer, and he is the Democratic nominee running for Congress Texas is ten district. And here he is. My name is Mike Siegel. I've been fighting for the people for twenty one years, as a public school teacher, as a union organizer, still of a right slayer. We have a wonderful opportunity to elect a government that's actually responsive to the people. It's news to us a government that's responsive to the people. This guy's living in a dream world. We're all will bring him down to reality and just a little bit. Man. He he makes me feel bad. He's a teacher, constitutional lawyer. Like, what have I done with my life? Started off family. Yeah, you've we damn's doing a lot. Are you say that this show means nothing? Yeah, hello, hello, come on, all right. Well, I'm still gonna feel kind of bad. Oh well, I mean, the guy has done a lot in his life, but that's sort of I mean. We want people from all walks of life running for Congress, though different strokes, for different folks, people like you and people who have achieved other things. I would say what I would say he had he achieved more, but it's not really necessarily true. You've just achieved different things for that. Who would fix his bike? Yeah, does he? Does he know how to my cab are on? Call of duty is probably better than his. Yeah, exactly, Damn Right, it is. What's asking? What is, as me, the first question, when he gets on later, what's your Katie are and call of duty? Yes, be like, what's the Katie are? What if he has when it's better than yours? Why would you say that? Then would be crushed. We have to elect the man immediately put him in office. You guys are going to be going on a trying to go in a camping trip, but there's fires in in Colorado. So your your campsite actually burnt down. Huh? Yeah, like right where we were planning ongoing camping, like literally the exact spot went up in flames. Well's a good thing you weren't there sleeping when that happened, like in the middle of although you can making killer smores. Yeah, yeah, I'm sure some you know, since it happened right where we were supposed to go out, it's leading me to believe that it is probably like a campfire that wasn't put out. I'm pretty sure that's what it was because we've got a lot of Texans and Colorado. Yeah, not that. I'm saying it was a Textan. Whoo oh it was. HMM. Well, you might not want to throw Texans under the bus because we are going to be talking to a text in here in a little bit. We need Texans right now during a pandemic. Yeah. But speaking of fires, though, this is a five alarm fire, alarm as it was. How's that saying? Go a five alarm fire? What does that even mean? Alarm fire, five alarm, I'm alarm. It's like it's like when you rate a movie. It's four stars. This is a fat, daring five alarm fire, but it had five alarm. Means it's on fire. Do with with the like fire station in their alarm? Yeah, maybe that's what it is. But will we need to talk about the mail in voting situation and how the United States Postal Services under attack? This really is just the craziest thing that we have seen in a very long time in this country. I think I know that Katie's really worried about it. Those shakes. I'm terrified. Yeah, but before we get to that, you...

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...point five billion before. They can't do the universal mail in vote through simple how are they gonna do is that? I have the money to do it. So He's saying he's cutting off funding so that way the mail in vote is harder, harder templemented, if not impossible. But why would he care about this? Well, I mean, Republicans have been trying to privatize the Post Office for years. Yes, but why is Donald Trump worried about people voting? Because he's losing in the polls? Yes, yeah, and a big one right. Historically, the more people vote, the more at leans democratic. I don't know if that's true. That's not even necessarily true. He's that's what I've heard. I don't know. That's not true. Okay, well, it's not necessarily true, but this election it would be because people are fucking out to vote, a vote against him. Yeah, he's trying to vote for him, and it will. It seems like there's I mean it doesn't seem like this is a lot of voter suppression tactics happening. We've talked about this little bit on the show, the way that polling places are being closed, and it's just the disenfranchisement of voters, especially voters and inner cities. They are not getting access to the polling places or they're having really long lines or having one polling place for hundreds of thousands of people. These are these are just is a continuation of these voter suppression tactics. Well, and now they're pretending like the they're not moving forward with these eviction moratoriums being lifted, but there's really nothing that they can his executive order really meant nothing. So once these people are homeless, if they get evicted and they don't have an address in every restate that requires valid photo id to vote, are people going to be allowed to vote? I don't know. I mean valid address at this is becoming like a snowball effect that this pandemic is really just driving the voter suppression and the USPS is another way to run that, because they can't get po boxes, they can't have addresses, they can't receive mail. Normal people can't receive mail. Like yeah, there's a lot of reports of people saying that. Yeah, and this is after so trump first started talking about the legitimacy of mail in voting, saying that it's not secure, and we know that that's a lie, but he did tweet many times without evidence, saying that there is a lot of fraud with mail in ballots, and that hasn't been quite sticking for him. So, by the way, he'lls he does mail in voting him and will him in Milania trump. So yeah, just last week they registered received their ballots via the mail. They're absolute ballots for Florida. So that that narrative really hasn't been sticking. So now he's they're really playing dirty by, like you said earlier, Katie, putting into the new postmaster general, de joy, who is going in there and with vested interest in privatized mail delivery. And he is pretty much doing he's creating measures to slow down the delivery of mail. Mail workers are no longer allowed to have overtime and they're removing mail sorting machines. Fifteen to twenty percent of mail sorting machines there are being removed and that's going to drastically slow down mail. Well, and they're not just taking these machines out, they're totally dismantling them and there's reports of them being found in like dumpsters. And these are like, wow, million dollar machine that sort tens of thousands of pieces of mail a day. So it's not like they can just set these things back up there, like they're like destroying these things. Yeah, they're trashing them. That's crazy, because I was thinking I'll maybe we'll get a court order that says they have to turn these things back on. But if they're being destroyed to that level, that's just insane. That's like almost irreversible. What do we do in that case? Exactly know they it's the point, right. President Obama is usually, I mean has been really quiet about Djt and what he's doing, but he did say that president trump is trying to actively kneecap the postal service in an attempt to affect mail in voting the two thousand and twenty election, and he's urging lawmakers and citizens to take actions to protect the integrity of election. is coming from President Obama. I think President Bush and also Carter need to speed out speak up, and also Clinton. Agreed. All the presidents need to be saying something on this.

Yeah, but so the the sabotaging goes on. De Joy is the postmaster general and this is I don't know, like if we can't, if we don't have mail in voting, it's going to be it's going to make it really hard for a lot of people to vote, because WHO's old? People aren't going to want to wait in line that are susceptible. If to covid nineteen, I don't, I'm not going to. I'm not going to want you, but I will. I started making a list to send out on twitter this week that goes through every state and it basically gives the voter dot org link to every state and the link to show where they need to go to get their voter registration information, the last day they can register to vote, whether their state has absentee voting or not, whether it's mail in voting or whether it's just regular voting, what the earliest day they can start early voting is and whether they have mail drop and boxes, and to share that on our twitter or yeah, and also to us on our twitter page. Is it's news to us on twitter and yeah, in the next couple days it'll say whether or not the state has mail drop boxes for the ballot, well, just drop boxes without this is it will be a lot of information on there. You can go check it out. This is this is an assault on democracy, though. It really is. And how are you guys feeling about this? Because, I mean, if it's disgusting and this this doesn't feel American. I feel like if people actually received their ballots in the mail and the and the state has drop boxes, then that's kind of an okay thing because people can just go drop their ballots off in the drop boxes and not mailing them back. You can't mail them back. There's no mailing them back. Yeah, just forget the idea of man putting that ballot in the mail at this point. Yeah, if you receive it in your state doesn't have a drop box for it, then you need to go vote in person, and that's where the early voting sign that I'm putting on the spreadsheet comes into play. And some people are saying October twenty two is the day to the final day to put this stuff in the mail, but I just don't I don't know this. I was turning on twitter. Vote by October twenty two and that gives you a couple weeks. I don't trust it. I don't trust it at all. Like I'm going to be hand delivery mind, if not voting in person. Lucky enough to have a lot of drop boxes around our state of call Alorado, because we have been doing mail and voting for many years now, but there are states in the country where there's only one dropbox and it's at, you know, the government building. Yeah, not. Not every state, not every county, has the same luxury that we do here in Colorado. So you need to make sure you know where your dropboxes are so you can have a plan to drop your ballot off there. Or you need to have a voting day plan, because I feel like the tricks are going to come out on November three as well. Like you need to have a plan in place on November three to be at a polling station. And then you need to know where your backup pulling station is, because if there's two in your district, you need to know where both of them are. Maybe the third one is because what if a pulling place goes down all of a sudden? We had this happened in Georgia so many times. The pulling places go down and then nobody can vote for hours on end. Yeah, people are just sitting in line, a lot of nasty t nine hours. I mean it's just unbelievable. I can only imagine. If they're doing this, just imagine what stops they're going to pull out on November three. It's going to get worse. Yeah, the next you know, eighty something days, it will get worse, but I do have hope. You brought up Georgia, and I think one thing that you know a story that we kind of overlook. Our sports arenas or becoming are transforming themselves into huge pulling centers, like bigger than anything around. So I know in Atlanta there's a supports arena that they're transforming. I know there's several around the country. I know that the I believe it's the staples center in La just last week announced that they will be transforming into a pulling place. It may be dodger stadium, but I think that gives me hope that they're even though...

...what we're facing is unmanageable, unmanaged, UN Amanag how man, I can't say at amminump is, how you said Amenimentumum. It's unknown, it's I get I'm lost for words right now. Yeah, that it's frustrate, but but there there is hope, like there are organizations and people are with some power that are going to great lengths in order for us to vote, and that should be our government. Our government should be the ones doing this and leading this charge in trying to secure mail in ballots, and they're not. You know, part part of the government's not doing it. What do you say? Part of the gunman? Let's make it very clear that Republican Republicans, Republican Republicans, are against it and I don't know how you could support any party that doesn't want people to vote. That goes against the complete that goes against the backbone of our society in our government. And we don't have a democracy. What do we have? A dictatorship is out what you want. Border Line, and we're blow. We're borderline there. Yes, like I said, they're I have hope and for all of us who are planning to vote, and we all should be planning to vote. You should be. We have eighty days, we have two months. Make a plan now. Asked for the day off, even though it should be a national holiday, it's not. So requests the day off from work. Make sure you have an opportunity to make your voice heard and right now. Go to vote Dot Org. Check your registration and get yourself to registered. If you restaurant to vote. If you're not it, before it's too late, do it now. Votes Dot Org. It is very, very easy. Katie also posted on our twitter account a little infographic on everything you might need for your your in person voting kid as well. That includes a little thing of hand sanitizer, a cooler, some vodka. That's my personal folding share, a cell phone battery, your own pen. Yeah, go, go get that and then retweet that, because I think it's a good guy mask and face shield. Yeah, and if you're young and healthy enough, if you can volunteer at the polls to be a poll worker, and that's something you would be interested in doing, all you need to do is Google your state and poll worker, or in the state of Montana it's election judge and it should come up very easily. But now is the time to do that, because you're going to need to go through a day of training or so, but you can go become a poll worker. And yes, generally these are older people who probably can't do it this year. They're you know, yeah, they don't want to, they can't risk it. Their high risk, their high risks. So we need younger people working the polls this year. People are people are getting angry about this. Everybody's paying attention, because if you're not paying attention right now, you maybe like you're somebody who doing wally doesn't want to pay attention. To politics. I'm sorry, but you have to. It's your it's your duty as an American, especially this election, to be paying attention. And people on twitter are not twitter reddit are freaking out about this. Specifically, user balls of Adamanthium says this is some putent level election fuckery. Audio Tech Fourteen says, screw it, I'll risk it all, vote in person to important mask up, maybe use a face shield, to bring hand sanitizer to use the second I walk out, he says, and then our Martini. Seventy eight says people need to prepared now for how they're going to protest after the election if trump uses post office fuckery to declare victory. And this guy's even saying go ahead and take off of work that that we can prepare to go to DC. And we're talking about how to get to DC right after the election. So that's also protest it right away. Yeah, like we're that's also something to think about to in a long term, because the voting thing is actually really easy if you're if you're paying attention and being proactive with it. If you let it pass you by and you're not paying attention to the fuck read that's going around, then it's going to steamroll you, but it's just pay attention, vote out of work, register, get that ballot, drop it off in person. Don't trust a mail system. And if you want your vote to be counted, and everybody wants to vote to be counted, otherwise your your your rights as an American are being taken from you. You're right, democracy is being taken from all of us. Any final words on this? The sad day. We will be here covering the election live on election night on aw radio. It's news to us. Will Give you the the the blow by blow right here. Don't turn on MSNBC OR CNN because, well, we're going to turn them...

...on for you and then we'll be relaying the information. This will be way better and you can so you can cut the cut the cord. Cut The cord and we'll save you some money. You said Real quick. Katie said it was. It's a sad day. It's a sad time in America, but I we can make it better. I don't know why I'm being optimistic right now, and a lot of times I'm not, but like this is a time for all of us to unite and stand up and say no. I think people like we are democracy. It is time for you to do your your duty as an American citizen. I'm tired of being the Shithole country in this world and if, if this, if this election, turns out to be a rigged election, then we are no better than any other shithole country. We've just cemented ourselves, as we're already a shithole country, in my opinion, but we're going to cement that fact with no hope for changing that. You know, we all should be demanding better of of our elected officials and for our own lives, like these are our lives, our livelihoods, are talking about. But I like the optimism there, Jason. I think we do need that. I think we all need to get off the sidelines, and I mean it's so simple. Just fucking vote. Thank you. Safe vote, just fucking vote, and that's actually the idobe slogan. Just fucking vote. I like how you brought that. You brought that right back, because that's it. That's what comes out when you talk about this, when get a heated argument, is it ends up with just fucking vote. So that's actually idobies voting as tag. Just fucking vote, exactly. Thank you, that's what it is. Somebody who is doing something about it is Mike Siegel. He is a teacher and civil rights lay you're fighting for opportunity in justice. We're going to talk to him coming up next. He's a Democratic nominee in Texas twelve running for Congress. Will see what he has to say about all this. I'm sure he has some perspective on it to it's coming up next on its news to us. Hey, real quick, Kebby, unimaginable. I got it. You can do it. I did it. I'm Mike seegl. I'm a former public school teacher, union organizer, a civil rights lawyer and with your support, I'll be the next congressman for the Texas Tenth Congressional districts. Vote or die. It's news to us. Election Two thousand and twenty coverage get continue and we're back here on IDBE radio. Our Election Two thousand and twenty coverage continues. Very excited about our guest tonight. Mike Siegel is joining us. A teacher in civil rights lawyer, he's a Democratic candidate running for Congress. I resent Texas battleground district, the ten, which includes the great city of Austin, Big Fan of Austin. Hey, Mike, how are you? Hey, eddy, do a great hey, thanks so much for taking the time while. What do you up to this evening? I'm sure you know you're busy every single day, but what are you doing right now, this moment that we're talking to you? Well, really, I'm sawing out outside. I've been inside a near Coniston. Will be making food calls and just enjoying a little bit of our Texas summer heat and get on the phone with you all. Oh cool. Thank you so much for a joining us. We like to kind of get to know our guests a little bit on a personal level before we dive into the topics. What's the last thing you binge watched on Netflix? Man, good question. I just started watching that. It called teenage bounty hunters show. Oh, I'm watch yet. I don't know if it's worth worthy of binging. Oh yeah, but my girlfriend and I actually we scrolled past at the other night and I was like that could be either really good or really bad. I'm not sure. So we kind of skipped it. But yeah, you know, I've liked a lot of the classics. You know better call. Oh, good one. You know well, you're a lawyer. Even a game of thrones here. I can talk to you a little about game of that kind of thing. I'm a huge fan of you know, I actually haven't seen game of thrones. It's really bad, but I usually watch every TV show, but I'm kind of protesting watching that one for some reason because I'm bean like a hipster or something. I don't know. But the better call Saul is awesome. I love that. How close to reality are the court scenes? Well, you know, I'm not a criminal lawyer. Criminal okay, but you know there is a lot of that hucksters from you know, can you can you? Can you both sit the jury or the judge in that moment? I think that's she's by by the way, I know you're friends, but yeah, I think there is a dynamic like there with the criminal courts, where you know a lot of hoods but can get you along way. Thanks. By the way, you can use any...

...language you want. You're actually the the first congressional candidate that we have interviewed that has said the word bullshit, and I appreciate that. That's that's good. What is your favorite music venue in Austin? By the way, we love Austin. We usually go out there and cover south by southwest, but didn't happen this year, sadly. Hopefully next year. But is there a F I know like it was a sixth street, if I remember eight, something like that. There's all bunch of all the cool bars and yeah, we've got a six straight. They call it thirty six. I mean really, I like a lot of the outdoor venues because especially in the spring, in the fall here, I mean it just God is so beautiful at night. So just really any any one of those, or even some of these ones that are care in the public parks like Austin city limits. That's are just wonderful events to be it. How long have you lived in that area? Most recently for about eight years. So okay, yeah, like we see in Texas, you know, I got here as soon as I could. Yeah, and now what's the most Texas thing about you, though? You've been there eight years. I think that I'm running for Congress. Everybody runs for pronger. No, it's really cool. The congratulations on the getting that nomination, the Democratic nomination, the primary back in July correct. So you just just you're still riding a high right no, I mean it's absurd. We have this horror fought primary over eight hundred twenty months and you know, there's a four halfallion dollars was spent between me and my two opponents and a super PAC that attacked me. Yeah, and now we've got three months and change to turn on the dime and defeat one of the wealthiest members of Congress. It's kind of an absurd cycle, but we have a great chance to win. So really, Pichiet, you given us this platform. Oh No, thank you. So we've been talking to a lot of candidates that. I mean, they're not taking super PAC money. And then we always say, or we have been saying, you know, after the primary, you haven't raised a lot of money because you're not taking that super PAC money, which we support here. But like, how do you how do you move forward with less ammunition? How do you get that message out? Well, you know, I'm really trying to thread the needle of being a true progressive campaign. You know, I been writing on Medicare for all, a green new deal, ending the war on drugs, the grassroots army, you know, supported by folks like the Sunrise Movement. It will play the hundreds of thousands of phone calls but also, at the same time have a professional campaign infrastructure. So I actually the reason good money. A real turn a point for me was earning Bernie Sanders endorsement, and that itself was the result of a lot of organizer I've been doing on environmental issues, on labor issues, winning the support of the sunrise movement. But when he came in for me, let's say six weeks before the runoff to live fourteen, so early June, he helped the raised enough money to hire up more staff. That it basically it is taken a lot of the weight off my shoulders managing a lot of the campaign, and now I'm going to focus on fundraising. And you know, if you would ask me twelve months ago, do I want to spend thirty some hours a week making phone calls raising buddy, I would have said Hell No. You know I want to organize, but in this moment, during covid nineteen, we can't knock hundred the thousands of doors. It's not responsible, it's not saints. Nobody wants to see us at their doorstep. So really my best way to beat this time a call is to raise the money so I can buy the ads and send the mail and communicate our message, and so we have been raising good money and so I'm not kind of trapped to that, you know, kind of desperation that you can feel when you don't have money to communicate. We're doing pretty well right now. Well, good, good for you and congratulations on that Bernie Sanders endorsement. When he received his endorsement, what does that like exactly? Do you receive an abrasive phone call and you're like, who's this person yelling at me? How does that or does he send you like a beautifully written letter? How does that work? Or is it like a facebook follow? It's not nearly as glamorous as you would think. You know, my wife was a big Elizabeth Warrant and it I got warrant endorsement and she's like do I mean? I'm I'm, you know, losing friend now, like I call her questions and truth. A lot of it happens like between the campaigns, like I'm not even speaking directly to Senator Sanders, but when you press go on an email you do just get to watch, you know, all these tiny donations come in, but like they come in so fast the computer can't even catch up, you know, all these two dollar, five dollar, twenty seven dollar donations, HMM, and so it's a pretty exciting moment. That's that is very exciting, that with the grass roots candidates and to see this sort of movement happening in the country where we're not relying on super PAC money and you, you're out there getting the support from just everyday people, like he said, throwing a couple dollars at you, like that's all Bernie Sanders whole campaign, and his campaign is just massive, was kind of put together. Well, what made you want to run for office to begin with? Well, so I ran the first time in two thousand and eighteen and it was like, you know, after trump kids a office. I was a city attorney in Austin. was involved at some pretty high profile cases, including... or I see the governor to stop and anti immigrant law and I was really inspired. So what happened in Texas? You know, they passed to show me your papers law to basically encourage local police actors immigration agents and for the first time in really anyone's memory in Texas, all of the big cities got together, just the state on behalf of the immigrant community. Is So it was Dallas and Anternyo, Houston, I'll pass, so Austin and the small towns on the border, and I was Bos to this leadler making his arguments against the sub administration, against the Texas Republican governor in fighting back. And you know we want some important the tracing that lawsuit. And then after that I started looking around. I saw this guy, I'm a call it, basically co authored the Muslim band. He was the online security chairperson for the house, presiding over the family separation policy, and he'd basically been in this seat by virtue of personal wealth. He's worth over three hundredlion dollars, and cheering mandering such that he hadn't even been challenged in a real way since the first one the seat sixteen years ago. And I had a background its organizing when I was a school teachers at union organizer, run political campaigns before, and I figured out at least we can do is mobilos, the troops, not hundreds of thousands of doors. That se see was possible. And what we did is we change what was considered to be a safe Republican seat. You know, he'd been winning his races by twenty and thirty percent. We got it down to four percent in November. Two Thousand and eighteen turned into a battleground, and so when it came time to go back to work in early two thousand and nineteen, I asked my wife, you know, with her blessing they see, you know, I was able to quit my job to do this full time, to finish the job, and so really I've just been working non stop at it for the last two years after a previous election cycle, and we're really close right now. We have a great chance to win, you really do, and congratulations on your success so far. On November three we will be rooting for you. Now it's going to be like a really interesting election this year, of course, with covid and mail and voting is a big topic as well, and from what I understand, it could be wrong here, but doing a little bit of research before we started speaking, I were in Colorado, so I'm not too familiar with how it is in Texas, but from what I unders and it's really hard to get a mail in ballot normally in Texas. Is that correct? Yeah, I mean Texas is the master voter suppression and they do it every single way you can imagine, including limiting access to voting by mail. And so really the only way you qualify for a vote by mail ballot is fine if you're out of the area during the election too, if you're sixty five or old are or three, if you can claim a disability, and I did a lot of work, we basically encourage the text Dominic Party to file a lawsuit and to basically say that we're all disabled in this moment. Yeah, you know, and by that meaning like we risk the century by voting in person. And that's what how disability is defined in the election code of Texas. But, you know, the the highest court, so like lower courts, agreed with us and for like a few weeks there in the spring, everybody could apply for a vote by mail ballot. But once you got to the conservative a pellet courts, or the text the Supreme Court, they said Nope, can't do it, and so they really forced us into this terrible decision, you know, terrible choice, you know, to participate in democracy and risk your health, or do you avoiding voting and therefore, you know, you throw this election to the winds to see what might happen. And Wow, yeah, that's all that's what horrible of contexts. That's a yeah, that really is. Now, once in office, are you going to be somebody who pushes for Universal Mail in voting? Certainly. Yeah, I think we need universal vote by mail, we need automatic registration, we need election day to be a holiday, and I think we should do this in the form of a you know, John Lewis Voting right sex to really perform our putting rights laws. In your opinion, why do you think it is that Democrats seem to want folks to vote and Republicans do not? It's really it's just the margins. I mean in Texas, you know, we're pretty our close, if not already, to be a majority minority state. The only way these, you know, White, extremely conservative Republicans can keep power, even though they ay meet, you know, boing so Latino folks. Women's really piece of legislation they pass is with these massive voter suppression techniques, and so there will be this major reckoning in this country once we, you know, we form our voting laws, you know, make it easier to vote. I think it's going to cause a massive restructuring of the political parties because there won't be enough votes left for the Republicans to an office. They're they're they're only pulling out all the stops. And you had that corpattle about...

Banlin voting in that. That's really a noble cause of the meanwhile, here we have all these reports of the United States Postal Service being dismantled the postmaster general the joy, purposely causing delays and service. What are your thoughts on this whole controversy? I am many thoughts everyone. Obviously it's putting our democracy and danger. It's denying rule Americans access to perception, medicine and essential goods and supplies. It's hurting small businesses that rely on the post office. I mean it's really this massive, audacious attack on so many Americans. I mean this sister credit thousand people that work for the post office. I who does, are veterans, and so really it shows how desperate trump is, but also fits into this ideology that some of the Republicans buy into a putting a call running to replace where they don't want any public service to succeed. And so you know, the postal services public schools are probably the two most popular public services and they're under constant attack. And you know, I you know you for some of your listeners who don't follow the post service closely, you may s these headlines. Oh, it's you know, it's struggling to keep up. You know, it's expenditures exceed its, it's it's income. But really that's because they was set up the sale that there's this bill the requires the postal service to prepay its retirement obligations by seventy five years. No other public agency is required to do that. And then so it's Fedex lobby is really attacked it over the years. Yes, and not only that, I mean the United States Postal Service is not a business, it's a service. And if you're to say, like the postal services losing two billion dollars or whatever it is, you could say the the US military is losing seven hundred billion dollars. I mean like the it's actually it's this is pretty much there's no correlation between the two of it being a business and but you know what I'm saying. But, but I mean, so there's there's no legitimate reason to have the the USPS privatize, right? You don't think? I mean, like why, why are they trying to do this? Is it just to to enrich their friends. What is the motive here from the Republicans? Yeah, I think it's multilayered. I mean I think it's the most crafts level. It's to benefit you ps and Fedex and the other, you know, paid a ship companies. I think there is this idiological fight that might go back to very goldwater, which is to kind of shrink to the size of, you know, a symbol or whatever and drowned in the bathtub. Bathtub, you know, that kind of whole way of thinking to make us believe that anything public, anything governmental, is bad for the people. It's this idiological war and I think the postal service, public schools, electricity, but the government is an amazing things. You know how did years ago we electrified role America as I think at this one we should be looking at the postal service of the way to democratized banking. We could have postal banking where you have to pay its orbit, its sun so it's a cash your paycheck. You could do that at the postal service. It's a way to Stut Internet services. We can be pursuing universal broadbands through the postal service, and so is it'll be a way to restore faith in government and I think they're public see that it's a threat to their world view and that's one reason they're attacking solid I'm let you brought up universal broadband, because I did want to talk to you about that because I haven't seen this mentioned a lot of candidates platforms. But it's really important topic in my opinion, because we have these these conglamorates, these media glamorates, that have bought up all of our our Internet service providers and they have stopped innovating. We have the slowest, one of the slowest, Internet speed rates in the entire world. But we are seeing like little little counties and stuff in cities across the United States that are starting to treat their their broadband like a public utility. Is that something that you're kind of aiming for in your district? Is possibly like treating Internet like like the water or electricity? Yeah, certainly. It would be so popular and it's just it's another one of these things where, if we actually accomplish that, we're going to win so much loyalty, especially from world voters. You know, I'm running any district that includes seven world counties and you've got, for example, university preview in stort college and w Waller County students are that's a huge interrance. All these folks, students, but to the from home. How could you access public education still have it? To An Internet right now, to a high speed Internet. You've got small business owners, even ranchers and farmers use the Internet. So is this a social public service? That should be a public good? The private market is filled because it was really socially still our service costs too much, and so I would really like to see, you know, middle school and utility, Middle School Internet companies filled with gouts of La markets of the fishing right now. How do... think that looks to the average person? Because right now, say the average person's open up, they open up their bill they get every month from comcast and it says you're a hundred and fifty dollars like. So that's kind of how and then they argue with customer service. What's different to the average person? Well, I mean for for a lot of folks, they don't have good services. It's slow, you know, in terms of the phones. The calls is dropped and so just to have that, that reliable high speak connection would be so much. It would be able some people to leave the cities and live in more world areas where they prefer to live, if they had access to high speed Internet. Like a lot of things right now, like there's a decreased confidence in the government. So I think we would have to roll it out, you know, in stages. You know, maybe it's like it's a great programs people see, hey, it works, it's better than the private market, and then you can increase trust in the system, which I think is, you know, a common theme for me right now because, you know, I'm fighting for universal healthcare. I support Medicare for all, but some people have questions. Can we trust to go to deliver our healthcare? And so I think hopefully what Democrats Senate and the White House and you know push forward some progressive legislation is we start to win the most of the American people show them that government kind of make a really positive difference in the lives of working people. The big benefit of government taking over some of these services would be that it's not for profit. Right. So they then then, I guess we, the consumer, the taxpayers interests are put first and foremost, and we not. We're not. We're paying less money out of pocket overall and we would get the same level of service, if not better. That's from what I understand. But how do we ensure that, say, on the healthcare level, that we're getting the same level of healthcare that we're used to if it's coming from the government? Now that's that's a big to me. That's the big question. That's not disgusting. Really Care for all, I mean all these talking points that are how do you pay forward? Or I like my private insurance. We don't talk enough about building trust in public services and there's plenty of people say I have Medicare right now and no, it's not. It doesn't cover the thing that I wanted to cover. You know, it's a pain of the butt to get things reimbursed or they'll cover the equipment I need. And so I think for I mean the privilege of Paul Bill in the House for Medicare for all really does try to address a lot of that. It's increase what Medicare covers. You know, vision, dental, a big thing for people with serious disabilities. Is Long term supports the services, and so it's in the bill. But I do think we're going to have to, you know, allow the American people to come along, you know, with such a camp just the overnight right kept an event to be a process to really prove that these services can ramp up to cover every single American, that that's a big deal. We do have the past history where Medicare, you know, when president formal presentation by the district rap but you know they ramped up Medicare to please the millions of people that are really short tests. So there are these successes of the past where we're government is take but I think for some folks right now they don't. They don't have that memory of well, we appreciate you coming on the show. Siegel for Texas Dot Org. It's Siegel for Texas Dot Org. Texas is ten district that does include Austin, if you're listening and there. I know we have a lot of listeners in that area. So we wish you best of luck general election November three. Get out there and vote. Everybody in Texas and everybody listening. We could probably like talk and depth without all these topics. It was cool to get a broad stroke with you, but we love to have you back some time, hopefully after November three, once you're in office, to like really dig in on some of these topics that we touched on and we appreciate you taking the time with us. So anything else that you wanted to say before we wrap it up? Right on, Eddy, no, thank you so much for having me on. I mean, obviously there's so much a status Cuncal, you know, democracies on the line, our health, our jobs, our planet. So yeah, fairward is listening. You can lift up local candidates and let's win a whole bunch of races in November. All right, let's do it. Well, let's get back to teenage bounty hunters. Thanks. Have a good one. There he is, Mike seegual. Everybody thanks Katie and Jason. Their connection cut out, but we'll get him back here in just a second. Hang on, it's news to us. Don't go anywhere, we're back. It's news to us. Thanks to Mike's Siegel for joining us. What a fantastic interview that was. Katie Jason had some great questions. I thought you guys just nailed that one. Good job, guys. Thank well.

Before we let you guys go again, don't forget to vote. Vote out a org. Let's vote dot org to registered to vote. Check your voter registration follow US news to us on twitter as well. We forgot to see the beginning of the show that our twitter is just on fire. It's blowing up, it's it's just go it's going crazy. I don't know. Katie's our social media director. Okay, what have you. What's your secrets? We've gained like literally our twitter followers have gone up a hundred and fourteen thousand percent, and that's not guess that. That's not even a joke. It's not bombs and it's not well, we don't think it's bots. No, it's not Bot Eddie, I'll tell you. Don't don't let her know I told you, but it's steroids. Ah, yes, twitter steroid. And then, real quickly, as we wrap up here, some sports news. The Locker Room, Good Ball, baseball, hockey and basket motels for MOS hockey. I don't know where we leave on. Howey, okay, what's up? This is your beat, Jason. There's a rookie for the Seattle Seahawks, Keima sever end, who was caught trying to sneak a woman into the team's hotel. Oh dressed. He dressed the woman in a team apparel and trying to the team hotel because they're not allowed to have guests and was caught like a self bubble. So when this happens, are they find or something? I think they know. They actually kicked them off the team. Only wait, that's a huge violation. Then that's terrible. Well, yeah, you're putting everybody at risk. I know, trying to keep athletes away from women. I mean that's really hard. I don't want that job. Fucking who? They have to keep it in their pants for a week. Yeah, I mean. I mean, I've kept it in my pants on my life. No, he could have done so much better, though, right, like rusting her up and try to pass her as a man. Why can she dress up as a maid, a hotel maide, and like walk around the hotel row, you know, and then go up and say she was cleaning the room? He's fucking rich. Why didn't he just be rich for a different hotel room? He's in the team bubble. He can't do that. Guar. He goes saying paid for an Hourly Hotel Room somewhere. Those those phony grades that his teachers gave him to keep him on the team in college are really starting to pay off. Apparently education did not work, apparently, but yeah, I cut. I kind of taking a woman into your team hotel. Just make sure you she dresses up as a housekeeper, walking separate. Yeah, come on, we all know that. That's what we do. Huh Uh. Yeah, all right, everybody, don't forget to vote. Vote Dot Org. Register to vote. Check your vote registration. We'll see an Nexlo one follow us on twitter as well. It's news to us. It's news to us on twitter and just fucking we're there every day of the week. The conversation does continue on there when you're not listening to the show. Weird force that we're tweeting like nonstop. We're just bunch its waters. We're like teenagers on Ticktock, but we're millennials on twitter, so cooler. So come say, how the fuck is tick Tock exactly? Appreciate it very much, Jim Apple.

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