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Episode · 2 years ago

Guest: Solomon Rajput for Congress, Portland V Feds


Guest Solomon Rajput is running to unseat an 87-yr-old political dynasty. Also, it’s getting real in Portland.

It's news to us. We are here live on IDB radio. It is the week of July, twenty two thousand and twenty. Jason and Katie here remote as covid nineteen continues. We're what we're in our second studio. That's where I like studios. Giving Eddie a hard time, Mary. Yes, well, you know, that's okay, because we all need to laugh a little bit because the world is just always on fire lately. It does feel like that, doesn't it? Yeah, yeah, what's going on in Portland right now is is pretty crazy. Right, it's scary. It's not crazy, it's scary. God bless mom. Yeah, we'll talk about the unrest in Portland. They grab them a lot of people in jail, the leaders. Yeah, there's djt talking about the feds. They did grab people. They put them in jail, their leaders. Oh, I'm so happy about that. Of course he is. And then we have a guest running get another person running for Office for Congress, a twenty eight year old med students, and this guy is progressive. He's not taking any super PAC money. Seems to be a trend with a lot of progressives. Jason, who's our guests this evening? It's Solomon Rajput. What is every other country done? They've been able to figure out how to make health care a human right. That's just a fancy leader thing. If you're sick, you should be will see a doctor here. It's news to us. Oh look at that. Love Me, you really love me. You're now in really open. Her face lit up. Oh Man, it was like Christmas morning just now. What a surprise. Yeah, we had to pay top dollar for that. I'm not going to be able to afford to feed my dog, but it's worth it. Oh No, you got he eats a pound of food of month. That is the beauty of having a three pound dog, is he's really, really inexpensive, and let's of course, be better something. Yeah, we'll send him some a room's food. Room won't miss a pound of food this month. Good to have you back, Katie. Welcome back to thank you. Yes, should we? Before we get to talk about the dirty deeds in the feds in Portland, I thought maybe we should talk about face masks a little bit more, because there are Karen's throughout the United States that are breaking out about face masks. There's Karen's and Kins. Let's not discriminate, Eddie. Okay, whatever. Well, I have two Karen's, I don't have a gun. Did you bring a Ken for a nightmare ride for a left driver. He was punched by a passenger who then at apparently tried to spit on him. The attack happened when she refused to wear a face mask inside of his car. That's wasn't it's so gross. It's the fuck out of my car. People are losing their mind. So there's that happening. A woman spitting on her lift driver because she refuses to wear a face mask. And if you think that's bad, how about this story right here? We've seen all kinds of confrontations involving masks, verbal and physical fights, even coughing fits, but this one might top them all. Police say a woman refused to leave a local store, and you won't believe what happened next. She peed all over the store. Oh, I'm gonna cut to the chase, because they like beat around the Bush in the story, you know. But yeah, she she pied, she pied, she urinated like it like a dog. Just fuck damn well, I mean obviously like that lady is like mentally unstable. Right, we don't know that we have. I don't know, but she's having a bad day. You know that Muchall you. She just drops trou and peas. We don't know what you're saying. We don't. We're not sure if she dropped trout. There's just like pissed herself like through her clothes. I want more. I need a little more and more. Okay, let's see. A regular day at work turned into quite a show at the verizon store off Galerya Boulevard in Rosevelt. You're easy to leave about worrying maths of the dispatcher talking term times that he's re crazing. A dispatch operator tells an officer a group of three people aren't wearing masks and refusing to leave the verizon store. But it's what happened next that's jaw dropping. They're calling back again and advised that that female now folder hands down and is urinating inside the business. So she did drop trout. She's right. Oh my God. Over face masks, which we are we are...

...told over and over again by the CDC, by health officials, that wearing these face masks not only now, they're saying, not only protect other people but yourself, and you study came out saying that covering your nose and your mouth actually protect you and reduce your chance of getting covid nineteen by sixty five percent just by you cover. You know both people are covering. It's like a lot more than that. I don't know exactly that Stad is, I'm sure. I mean it's pretty sad where you know, before you cover a fate, you cover your face, you wear a face mask to stop the spread and stop from infecting other people if you have the sickness. But people ignore that, like they don't want to help other people. Yeah, but but I feel like they're I think it's that number is shrinking. I think there's more more people getting on board with the face coverings. I don't want to ever give him any credit just because he's just a terrible human being, but our president did say that he advises people to wear masks. A little too late, too little, too late, and his tweet was really discussing no, it's not too little, that's not too little. Okay. There's people are no, no, no, you're right, you're right. Go ahead. There's there's there's thirty to forty percent of people in this country that trust what this man says, and if he him saying that makes them go out and start wearing a face mask without incident, like we should still support that, whether you agree with how he did it or not. Only think that's gonna Happen, but their fault there. He's like a cult. It's like a cult anymore. Here's his food. How I feel? We united in I effort to defeat the invisible China virus. And many people say that it is patriotic to wear a mask. And when you can't socially distance, there's nobody want patriotic than me, your favorite president or a right. Like I said, I don't agree with the message, but as long as you can see through his bullshit, as it maybe makes a few more people with it's that that's an even seek through his bullshit. It the bullshit is like process, man, I know, but he but he has to turn this message into a something to serve his own ego. There's nobody more patriotic than me. Your favorite president has to put that at the end of a public service announcement, saying to wear a mask. But anyways it gets a couple more people to wear a mask, I agree with you. Yes, that's a good to that is a good is a good thing. It sucks like he has to do it like that and it's taken five months. But what's happening in Ireland? Let's look this. You like he's only doing it because he feels like he's about to lose an election, because people are dying, most likely, most likely dirty duds. What's happening in Portland and in depth, look at this week's most important stories? Disturbing, disturbing. I was following the story over the weekend. I don't know where you guys following what's happening in Portland over the weekend? Yeah, I was following last week when we started seeing a lot of these reports come out. Terrifying Organ Public Broadcasting reported that there were federal or there are federal officials from a number of agencies that are driving around Portland and detaining people. Now, according to some reports, these these feds have rented minivans from enterprise rent a car and they're they're not marked, they're just mini vans. It look like something you'd go to get picked up at soccer practice in and they're throwing bags over people's heads and throwing the back of these vans. Really crazy the protesters peacefully. From reports, peaceful protesters are being detained and they're not when they ask these these federal law enforcement people, who they are and what agency there with, they're not responding. Yeah, here is a firsthand account. This is actually somebody who's on the ground in Portland. This is twitter user. Crazy fucking world. Okay, that's her. That's our twitter, it really is. We don't have a lot of time here. I live in Portland, Oregon. Maybe you've heard what's going on, maybe you haven't. Da Justice been sent in, the National Garden has been sent and ice has been sent in. They are literally there's camouflaged soldiers that have no idea, they are reading, no Miranda rights, that are kidnapping Portland protesters, throwing them into urgently placing them into unmarked bands that they rented from Enterprise Enterprise. least a bunch of unmarked vans for trump's gestapo come in, kidnapped Portland protesters and we don't know where they are. So it is. It's pretty crazy. What's going down now. These who are these assholes? We'll get to that in just a second.

You know what? Yeah, if I was attained, there's any way you can cause damage to those rental vans so they don't get the deposit back. would be awesome. Yes, do you crownd and be in the this? Yeah, that's shake, but, yeah, you know, if your handcuffed, he can't really. I don't know if you want to piss yourself, but I don't know how you do it. But like makes their life more miserable. Yeah, let's try to get let's trying to get those deposits wiped out. You have like these thugs, though, that come up to you. They're in Camel Camo and they want identify themselves. They won't say what law enforcement there with, and then they throw you in the back of your being kidnapped like you are. If that is good napping, absolutely terrifying. Could you imagine being taken and your friends are screaming, where are you taking them? Where are you taking them? And they just won't answer what we're in? And where are the Second Amendment? People that say the reason why we have a second amendment is to protect ourselves against a tyrannical government. Yeah, it mean because, like, if one of these people came up to you, one of these camouflage idiots, and they don't identify themselves. How are you supposed to know it's just not some crazy lunatic from the woods? You don't? Yeah, I would assume that they are crazy lunatics, especially if they're not reading Miranda, your Miranda rights as you're being arrested. Well, they have a vill crow patch on them that says police. Yeah, yeah, well, you know, and they're there. And this the scary thing is they're technically not breaking any laws, as from what I can from what I've gathered. Yeah, now, these true these federal law enforcement people don't have to identify themselves as being law enforcement. There's actually no law that says that they need to do that, which is scary. That is scary. Booth. There was movement today that I think Senator Widen and other senator too, seem try to HUH AOC to. Oh, maybe, yes, I didn't see that, but it's in the proud they try to they try to make it where they have to amount who they are, while you know and show who they are with names and in such when policing protest, I mean police officers, have to have their their name displayed and a badge number displayed when they're arresting you, so that they can be held accountable for their actions while arresting. So what makes these guys so special? They're protecting federal buildings, yeah, but if they're arresting people, they should be held to the same standard. They should be just don't want know that. We've never had to have this law, though, because I we've never had this situation. Never happened and basically, without that law they're it. Basically does set up like an administration like trump to put together a secret police, I. Gestapo, like we saw a Nazi Germany. And if this is happening in Portland, it's going to be happening in other places and it most likely is going to start. Will tell you why and just a second, but here's some yeah, earlier that the had been happening mm California and parts of California. For some reason, I guess we just hadn't heard much about it. That's crazy. Yeah, well, so what are? What exactly are these? By the way? Should we say, let me Guess, who are these idiots? Their border patrol agents. From what we've gathered and understand, these guys are basically I mean they this is the same group of Border Patrol agents remembered the board patrol agents had this racist facebook group and where they were posting a lot of racist memes and and really crude photos of AOC and stuff. You remember this story that came out and not you ago? Well, it's so same, guys, because apparently the the boarder patrol has jurisdiction within a hundred miles of the border. Did you know that? Crazy? Yeah, so that's what's going on, is that it's the customs and Border Protection officers. Are Who is doing this what? So, from what I've gathered, it's the Department of Homeland Security. They have a federal protection service for federal buildings around the country and they actually have the power to bring in border patrol agents. I've also read reports that there could be members from like the Coast Guard, even like the coastguard, that they've deployed along with border patrol agents and they have jurisdiction on land or in the immediate vicinity of federal property. And all the unrest and all of these units, member, you...

...know, law enforcement units that are unmarked and federally placed, are acting under that direction and it's around a Federal Court House in downtown Porland. Okay, all right, that doesn't make any less terrifying. No, it does not. But they were still arresting people that weren't near the federal building, though, and there are reports of these guys being really thuggish too, because they don't have to answer to anybody. They just show up and they'll throw people in the back of vansccording to reports that we are reading and seeing, one guy's actually ex military and he was thinking, all these guys can't do anything, I'm just going to stand my ground. And there's actually a video of this. It's gone viral. Hands up being beaten with a baton over the head three times and then they pepper spram at point blank range, and this guy's like this big military dude and he's like nothing. He just did around and walk the way. Yeah, them off, by the way, yeah, broken hand. Oh Yeah, there's reports saying that he has several broken fingers will require surgery. In this guy doesn't even fl inch. When you have three of these officers attack him, you may beat him with a baton and spray with pepper spray, and the man doesn't move. He doesn't even wipe his eyes free he just turns around, walks away and flips them off as he's walking. Well, man, but there. Apparently we're going to be seeing more of this in other cities. DJT tweeted on Sunday that not only is he trying to help Portland, but Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, Detroit, Baltimore, Oakland and other cities are going to be seeing more federal law enforcement. And actually here he is talking about it. Go here, he is no help, and then the plice are from to do anything. I know New York very well, I know the police very well, New York's finest, and the fact is very restricted from doing anything. They can't do anything. Well, I'm going to do something that I can tell you, because we're not going to leave New York and Chicago and Philadelphia, Detroit and Baltimore and all of these. Oakland is a mess. We're not going to let this happen in our country, all run by Liberal Democrats. Now shut the so. Then now he's making this a partisan issue too, by the way, on top of it. That's what I'll do this with. This all is anyways. If this really it really is, if there were massive proud boys protests throughout the United States and they were getting, you know, a little bit out of hand. We wouldn't be seeing federal agents going in right now. And that's just my well, that's just my belief. Absolutely, not tearing them on. Yeah, yeah, we're. You going to say adiation your belief. Your belief is based on evidence, though, like given the last few years, like everything that Djt has done and said, run when it regarding you know, proud boys and you know white supremacists, like they oh wow, that like, look what happened in Charlottesville. There's fine people on both sides. I mean, we didn't see federal officers in there, unless we're talking about black lives matter protests, and there aren't fine people on both sides, by the way. Yeah, at least he hasn't said that, but he has about racist gatherings. Yeah, so, anyways, we love two thousand and twenty. It's awesome. AOC, like we said earlier, is introducing legislation this week. I'll require federal enforcement officials to clearly identify themselves, and I'm sure that the turtles going to pass that swiftly. That's the only thing he does withftly. I'm sure that's not going to sit on the turtles desk. Go right to the graveyard good. But anyways, that's it's scary what's happening and we should all be paying attention to this. There was this this old quote from Germany in one thousand nine hundred and forty six this pastor put out there. He said first they came for the Socialist and did not speak out because I was not a socialist, and they came for trade unists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unist. Then they came for the Jews, I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came from me and there was no one left to speak for me. Yep. So we speak for the black lives matter movement continuing on in Portland and anyone peacefully protesting that is being fucked around with. You know, we just want to bring light to that and we will continue to amen. And also, you know, officials in Portland and Oregon, they're all speaking out, the governor of Oregon, the Mayor of Oregon, the Senate delegation of Oregon, they're all speaking...

...out like no one like we have to be cleared. No one from the state of Oregon asked for this response from the federal government. They're all asking them to leave. There they are suing them to leave. Yeah, there the the the district attorney in Oregon is suing them because they're violating constitutional rights and making things worse. On top of that lawsuit, there's a second lawsuit from the Aclu of Oregon, also suing because of this going on. Yeah, it was kind of crazy to watch the I saw videos of a little girl, I mean not, I shouldn't take girl. She was a woman, just in her blue acal you vest, chasing these thuggish guys, just screaming where are you taking these people? Where are you taking these people with their camera? She was like half the size of these guys, just chasing them down everywhere and I was like go acl you, like now, when you're out for it, they are. And when you say like half the size of these guys, like some of these guys maybe, you know a little bit bigger. Whatever. But at the same time they cowered to the side of a naked woman. When I protester in Portland this this lady got naked and she stood there in front of all of these thugs and just blood ass naked. And she she even that sat down and spread her legs facing them and they didn't want to do with a naked woman, so they ran away. She did a little dance forum first and not see any of this. It was really was. It was like an iconic photo that I think is going to be around for a long time, this very long time. I like, I almost want to get a print of it. It was such a crazy moment. Wow, really, I have to see this now. Yeah, I did see that. I saw that. You know, like a hundred MOMS went out and locked arms together in front of all the protesters and then they were shot with tear gas by the feds. Yeah, but fuck that. Yeah, like, good for you, MOM's. Yes, that's I mean that's pretty cool. And then the next night more mom showed up. And that's the thing. Like so the federal government deploys these tactics and they're deploying all these unmarked agents. Kay just showed me the photo hole. Crap Jesus, but they deploy these tactics and these protesters, like the numbers were starting to dwindle because these but now they're increasing after everything that the federal government's doing, because it's escalation, is what's going on. It's like, you know, I don't want to get too far out in the weeds, but it's almost like Djt and bar are trying to spark violn it. That way they can get some footage of protesters fighting back and then use that in the propaganda. Oh, it's totally a political stunt. This is all just for well, stay and fair. Yeah, it's distraction to from coronavirus and you know everything. Excuse me, the Ruhand Relu, the Wuhand flew, thank you. Okay, the China virus. Thanks. Yeah, that's the official anyways, never mind, I don't go down that rope. Yeah, yeah, it's not the China virus, it's not the wouhand flu. Shut up with that, djt. Solomon rash put is running for Congress. He's twenty eight years old, he's a med student and he is going to be joining us next right here on. It's news to us. Don't move, we'll be right back. Hopefully, not all of us were born into dynasties. We're told of weight, our turn, that our time will come. But what is a political elite doing while we wait? They're taking millions of dollars from corporations, corporations who have a financial incentive and maintaining the status quote and when we demand change, establishment politicians tell us we can't get too crazy, that we need to be realistic, that we don't understand how things work. They insist that our best hope is saim small. By aiming small, nothing really changes. Status quo maintained. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of this. My name is Salomon Rod put. I grew up in Ann Arbor and I'm a medical student at the University of Michigan. I'm a Muslim American and a child of focus on immigrants. As a gratiates organizer, I've learned that people are not looking for timid policy tweaks about some random by law. People have some big problems in their lives and the looking for big solutions that will solve these problems for good. Some people might say big proposals are too radical, but what's more radical? Tuition free public college or forcing our graduates to be in safe the huge amounts of student debt? What's more radical? Medicare for all or defending greedy companies as a profit off people's illnesses? What's more radical a green new deal that creates millions of green energy jobs we're seeing and idly buys climate change of ravages our environment.

The fact of the matter is the only thing that's radical here is a status quo. That's why I'm running for Congress. But our district is being run by a political dynasty. Someone from the Dingo families held the seat for eighty five years. The incumbent is as establishment as a guesst. She doesn't support tuition free college or the green new deal, and she's rolling in corporate money. If you received over a million dollars in corporate donations, if you've taken money from excellmobile and Coleman Sax, if you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in fossil fuel stocks, then who are you really working for? We've been told to wait and they tell us there's a line and we need to know place what. We've waited and thinking small has left us with a whole lot of nothing. We're done waiting. It's our turn now, vote or die. It's news to US election two thousand and twenty coverage continue. that it does. The election is coming up here in no time. In primaries happening all around us, and that leads us to our guests. Tonight, Solomon Rashput is joining us. She's running for Congress, twenty eight years old, a med student Michigan's twelve district. Welcome to the show. Hey, thank you so much. Yeah, it's great to be here. So this is really cool, man, this is exciting. You know, you are going up against a pretty big opponent. Eighty seven year political dynasty, right with the with your opponent. That's are you are you nervous about this? You got to be nervous, right. You know, I was really nervous in the beginning. I was super nervous in the beginning when I was starting. I it was pretty crazy. I was definitely getting pretty scared because, you know, I've never run for office before. I'm barely old enough to run. We're going up against this eighty seven year old political dynasty. Congress and Dinglis families held the seat for eighty seven years straight. So I was definitely pretty nervous. You know, for me, kind of will push me over the edge. was just like how urge our issues are and like, particularly, particularly with climate changed. Everything right because, like with climate change, we have such a little time left to act on this issue and, like, I'm a medical student right. And so by the time I finished medical school, school and then actually like do all the training I need to do to become a full fledged doctor, it'll be five or six years from today. But if we lived ten years left to act on this issue, then you know, he's barely proud of will I be entering through as an actor, you know what I mean. But like that, you might be pretty very you might be pretty busy, though, as a doctor, though, as a new med student graduating into a global apocalypse, I'd imagine you'd have a lot of people going to the doctor's office. Oh yeah, I mean it's going to be great for business. I mean that's what happens when housecares, when I like a business, right, people like, Oh, don't like actually, let the people get healthy, we're gonna make any money. So yeah, I know, with with the global apocalypse, it would be you know, and there's if global apocalypse is like the best case scenario for capitalism. Really, I am well, we'll get into like more than just a second. We like to get to know our our candidates to come on the show on a personal level too. So what's the what's the one, yeah, that you binge watched on Netflix. What's the what's the most recent show I've been watched on Netflix, sure, or Hulu or whatever, way of Disney plus or so many now, yeah, there's so many. I've honestly been really busy, like I haven't dance of Binge Watch anything. Let's see the I did like in the beginning to the middle of Corona, I was watching something and I was like, you know, I wasn't being watching any one thing, but I did get on a sci Fi kick, okay, and then I was like watching all of like all of these like lesser known like Sci fi movies that like just on Amazon prime and on Netflix. There was like, I think, a mazing runner series. I said, I watch like it's like so weird. It's like it's something that people don't really know about. It's like kind of like those are old swords. Nigger moved that hunger game. I think it was like a I don't know, at some point it was right, no, lot me. I don't know. Maybe, yeah, I don't know, but it's like it's like one of those team dystopian like it's exactly like the hunger games, but just like just a little different bud. Yeah. So, like I got really into that. I will admit I would. I will readily bet. What's your favorite brand and what's your favorite band? My favorite band, my music case is this like all over the place. I really, I used to really love old Taylor Swift. It is a guilty pleasure, my old tailor swift. People Freak out when they hear that. I think it was like probably one of those controversial things about me, but most controversial thing about your platform. Actually, I don't forget the platform. If this is really the it's really old tilership. But yeah, I loved I mean, you know, I'm just like, I'm pretty basic when it comes to my music case.

I listened to days. It's I love drake like the weekend. You know. So I'm when it comes to music. I'm very basic. You said that you've never run for office before, but you were the class president for three years when you're growing up, and I'm wondering did you get to hang out in the teachers lounge and, if so, did it smell like stale black colf coffee and depression, like I imagine it does? I spent a lot more time like hanging out in like the principal's office, like not for not because I got in trouble. That was Middle School Budd in high school I was like just like always on the PA system all the time, be like everyone, don't forget, we've got a bakesdale coming up, and like all the teachers just like unanimously hated me because they're like Saloman keeps interrupting our class about these bake film that he's doing. But I was like it's fine, I'm like, I'm with the principal film. I was very establishment in high school, I'll admit okay, times of change. Just trying not to rock the boat, you know. One more personal question. This one is like very controversial for a lot of people. POSTMATES, Uber eats or GRUB hub? Man, you guys are really trying to dig into my personal life right now. You know? So, I I mean, like I go with what you know, Ray, like I've been doing grub ub for a while. Like, yeah, my sister reads all day. But like, you know, agree to disagree. So, yeah, you may have just lost my vote on that one. I'm sorry. I think. Yeah, they like you can never please that you like when it comes to this topic. So, but really, but it's crazy that you are a med student but also running for Congress. I mean say you win, are you going to put the Med student stuff on hold? Well, so I'm taking to leave right now because there's absolutely no like no way, like literally no way to be a medical student while also running for Congress, like it was past year. I've just been on the leave and if I if I win, then I'm going to continue my leave because my school is really cool. But if I and I can, like they're like yes, server terim, we're doing to come back. I'm like, all right, so, but if I lose, then I'm just going to go right back in that school a couple weeks. So you know, you know, I mean you might, you might need a better backup plan. I know, I know. I'm like, yeah, it's I'm really reughing it these days. Yeah, it's like, Oh, if the congress thing doesn't work at all, I'll just become a doctor. WHO. Yeah, I mean medicine, cool then, no, you know, what kind of medicine are you wanting to get into? You know, I'm like such a Weirdo. I like all different kinds of things. My Dad's a psychiatrist actually. So we love, we love, just like talking with people helping them out when they're going through like tough times and stuff. So psychiatry is on the table. Emergency sounds really, really cool. I'm like pretty adhd. So it's like kind of a feeling that, you know, go from one really crazy thing like another really crazy thing and like, you know, just kind of like running back and forth helping people, like, you know, just like really when they need the most up and stuff. So, you know. Or maybe we'll get family medicine and just like get a see little kids go up to be, you know, like full fledged adults and follow their journey. I think that'd be cool too. So I'm kind all of this place. Well, according to our records here, we may or may not a fat people going through your garbage. You have a hundred thousand dollars and student loan debt. So are you, as my garbage would tell you. That is that I mean. Is that one of the reasons why you're running as a progressive candidate that supports a lot of Bernie Sanders views, because you don't firstand how devastating that is to get those bills if heinous is absolutely hainess and, like you know, I'm terrified at the prospect of like when I actually graduate and like the bills do start rolling in, like when your actual student, you know you're like you huntry paying while your an actual student. At least that we have some someone for the sense there. But you know, I know people who had like six HUNDREDZERO dollars worth of debt after medical school and Undergrad which is like how can someone have that much money be in debt? And like at that point you're just an indentured servant and like you know, and so many people I know, they choose what kind of doctor they want to be not based off like what kind of medicine they want to practice, but based off of how much money's going to make, because they're in so much. They're going to be so much that they have to feel like we have to be realistic about how much that we're going to be in. What do you say really? So, I would assume. So what is your official stance on do you support for giving student loan debt or what do you think? Yeah, one hundred percent. I mean nobody should have had to take out that to begin with. You know, we're essentially asking people to take out a mortgage,...

...but not for a home just for an education before they're making any money, right, like in order to be able to have a shot at degree that will provide like better opportunity for themselves and family and because, I'm to contribute more to society. Right. So, like, I completely think we need to eliminate all student debt, all of it, from every single place, right. So, like I'm not all debt, including like that from graduate schools. And then I also think that we need to make all education free in this country. For you, Public College, for sure, one hundred percent. What do you say to the critics that say, Hey, you, you're going to become a doctor, you're going making a lot of money, you should be able to pay off your student loans? Yeah, I mean, let's you know, that is a thing that people say, but I would say that we all know that doctors are not the only type of people who take on loans. I mean, like, how many people do we know who went to college and are now in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a debt and are not able to get a job that is more than minimum wage and then, I'll like excited to still pay off their student months, you know, like I mean I know somebody who is an Undergrad or who like major in biology and Undergrad like got really good grades, did all the right things and then, like whence university mission, the Best Public School in the country, we do like to say, and then ended up working at Dick Supporting goods for two years afterwards. Right, and like he was like, what the heck? I like this is a job I could have literally gotten night out high school. So I think I don't believe that anybody should have had a hat take on this debt. But if you but in particular, we need to recognize that so many people are not going to have any at the economic opportunity to be able to pay off this debt at all. Yeah, no, and no school should cost six hundred Tho. No school should cost a hundred thousand dollars. Yeah, that's schools absolutely right. Cost anybody that much money. And Yeah, that's it's crazy, like how just ridiculously expensive it's gotten because our parents generation, they say, Oh yeah, I was able to work a part time job, pay a rent and pay myself through college. Why are you not doing that? Like you don't understand how crazy expensive it's gotten. It's just it's criminal. Here and speaking of its disgusting. Speaking of that, though, in finances like rent, rent is a big issue right now in this country. Yeah, more than ten percent of American households, twelve million people told, million households rather, are, according to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, are paying more than fifty percent of their annual incomes on their rent. Over a fifty percent. That is insane. I know that you have some ideas around affordable housing. How do we fix this? Yeah, absolutely so. I mean, like it has just gotten so hard to live in this country. People in a constant struggle to survive. I mean so few, so many people are just living paycheck to paycheck. I'm sure you guys have heard it set it's like something crazy, like forty percent of Americans can feel with like an unexpected four hundred dollar right expend. So like if your car, you know it like you do some main non center car. Forget about it, like you do not have the money for that. And that is I mean, like you know, my parents right there, from box down. We know a lot of people from box stun foxtons, developing country, people from Boxton who move here say like this country is over time becoming more and more like a developing country. It's it's Het, but people from developing countries are saying that it's hard to live. It's hard as it's hard to thrive. It's hard to live, let alone thrive right and one of those things in particular is it's hard to pay rent. So with rents right, there's some really simple things that we can do right now. So one thing that we can do is we can have federal rent control, and that would be something that would be super helpful to someone who across this country, including the people who live in our district, in our in our town that I live in, and our borth rent increased fifteen percent last year, like from one year and increase fifteen percent on average. So that's an extraordinary amount and, like all this is so one sustainable. And so if we have a federal rent federal rent of control where we say, like, rent can't increase by more than three percent every year, you know, that's a really great way for us to like at tackle so many issues at once. It will help us tackle gentrification, because landlords can't just be like, Oh, you know, your lease is up and if you want to continue living here, you have to pay like a thousand dollars more or like, you know whatever, like five hundred more every single month or whatever they you know, that's like what happens is gentrification. You want to be able to do that if we have rent control. We also need to like have the federal government step up and start actually making more affordable housing units. I mean, right now they're not making any more because of this dumb thing called the faircloth amendment, which we need to repeal, if the thing that assentially prevent the federal government from making more public housing, which is wild. And then we also need to like so many of our public housing and affordable housing units are falling into disrespair right so, like we need to make sure that we allocate funds, using the vast wealth and resources of the federal government of the richest country that's ever...

...existed on the planet, called the Night States America. We need to out keep some funds towards renovating and refurbishing those units that are falling into disrepair so people who do need affordable housing aren't having to live in like such squalid, deteriorating contended conditions. So there's so much that could be done. So easily. It's like kind of like mind abacco the reason, but there's a good reason why it's not being done, because you just described a society that is favoring those with money and those with power, and those that have the most influence over the government are the ones with money and power, and that's really what it comes down to. I feel like all these issues can be solved if we get money out of politics, and you're not taking any corporate pack money for your campaign, so we applaud you there. But I mean, if you are elected to office, how are you going to get money out of politics? What are you what's your part going to be? I know it's going to take more than just you, but what are you going to do to make that happen? Yeah, well, money in politics is literally the root of all the evil in this country. is so like the reason why politicians say one thing your face do something else behind your back. I mean, they've essentially made a deal with the devil and as the reason why our country's being run by corporations for corporations, instead of how is supposed to Doan't wich just buy the people for the people, because you know the politicians are being paid by our corporations to write the rules in their favor. So how can that be anything but a legal bribery and we need to call it for what it is. What I'm going to do in particular is, I think it really starts with representative themselves saying I'm not going to take any money from corporations. That's number one. Number two we need publicly financed campaigns because right now, if you want to run, it's very, very hard to run a good race without being without like having a ton of corporate money or having a ton of wealthy friends, or being independent. What the yourself. How we're combating that with our campaign is that we're building a huge army of committed young people to go out and talk to all the voters in our congressional district. So essential what we're doing you will be thin people power and we build like an enormous army. We've have like untrusted and people of our it's like really awesome and I feel really great, full and blessed that our campaign is doing so well. But that's you know, I came into this with as an organizer. I've been organized for many years now, and so if if you don't really know how to like organized super well, will then make your kind of out a lot great. Like then if them. So you just have to have a lot of money. And if we have a publicly financed campaign, then instead of, you know, wealthy people being able to run, we can actually set aside a government fund that if you want to run and if you're getting some small crass you've just donations, the government fund can mass those donations. So like, let's say, like this is what they do in New York. If you give me twenty bucks, the government will latch it a hundred, will match it six times. So you're the government will give me a hundred twenty bucks to match your twenty bucks. So not on a hundred forty bucks. So now like these small grass seps donations like really really add up, and so that's how we can publicly finance campaigns. And also, I think that like how, if I were to win right, like we're doing this people powered thing I was talking about. Our campaign is running super, super leane and a lot of things that cost money. We've the found people and their volunteer efforts to like help us out with. So I would like something I want to do to help us get a money out of politics this, figure out how we can make really good campaigns cost a lot less money by like building the big people powered campaign and then, like, if you know, that's what we're doing right now. If we succeed, I want to I'm gonna like create a guide, essentially to like let everyone else know how we did this, because I think it could really change the game. Your opponent is also a Democrat and your a Democrat as well, but your opponent is Congressman Dingle, taking apparently just a lot of money, two million dollars in corporate donations according to your website. I mean, how, how does the little guy like you stand up to somebody like this? I mean it's got to be like really daunting if many different levels. Do you think you have a fighting chance? Or are you doing this to somehow bolster your medical career once you start a practice? No, unfortunately. I like for all the cynics out there or for, you know, anyone who's thinking that like I'm doing this for reasons other than actually trying to win, I would like to say that I am actually doing this to win this election. Then there's like no other. Like it's really important for everyone to like know their intent on they're running and to be very honest with themselves about why they're running. And like a lot of people do run for reasons other than to champion change in this country. They might run because they do want to like get their name out there or they feel wanted, like, you know, they wanted to do it because they think it'd be Badass and they feel like it'll like validate themselves in their ego or it'll help like improve their name recognition and like other which will help them in the other pursuits in their life. But know, for me, really the reason I'm running is because I'm trying to champion change that I think is really necessary for this... We talked, you know, a little bit about climate change. I was getting ahead of myself. Before the like Resarch, the personal question for but, like you know, the other issues getting big money out of politics, Medicare for all, affordable housing, racial justice, all kinds of journing. So that's what I really care about. And you know, the way that we are competing with Congress from dingle and all for money is that we're we are building a campaign that money can't buy. Right, like our what is money? Buy You buys you a lot of advertisement. But, as we know, advertisement only gets you so far and a campaign hashake Michael Boomberg right. There's something that's a lot more powerful than advertisement and that is actually reaching out to people one on one, engaging in the political process and earning their support, and that's been demonstrated through science and research. Should be much more affective than advertisement. So that's what we're doing. We Are we're building this huge army of young people to go out there talk to all the voters remotely, by calling people, by checking people, and also, you know, we are really active on we're really using people in new innovative ways through social media and of course we're doing the bread and butter of like mailers and social media as as well. So we're doing a whole host of things. We just had a debate with Congressiman dingle, went really well. We were very honest and fourth right in characterizing her lack of support on many progressive issues, and I think that also want helped us win a lot of support in the community. But yeah, know, I'm here to win, and I'm here to win two make a champion progressive change in this country. First and foremost, do you support term limits for members of Congress? Yeah, so, you know what? Well, what I definitely don't support is family that is being able to like help the sea for eighty seven years straight. So that is something that I think, like should not be happening at all. I do, for support term limits in some form. I'm like, we're so trying to figure out like exactly what number that term is. But like I feel like if we don't have term limits, we see what we get in this country, right we see that like we have political dynasties and the democracy. How can that happen? We also see that we have our Senate and our House of Representatives in large part, being run by the same people year and year out. We're doing this as a job, just to collect a paycheck, and so that's something that we don't want to see. Right like that is and empathetical to a well functioning democracy. I mean, there's a reason why the president can only be an office for two terms and I think that we need to start applying those that same principle to members of the house. In the Senate, for sure, but how does this work with a dynasty? So you're up against this eighty, seventy year old dynasty. So it's a number of different people and we're talking about different individuals that may just share the same last name and bloodline that have held that seat. I mean, how do you how do you even think up some sort of legislation to stop something like that? And why is that wrong? Well, Um, you know, Congress want dingle held the seat for about six years and the person before, or was her husband, who had held it for sixty years, and the person before, I'm whether it that, who had held it for twenty years. So twenty seven years right. So that is a really, really, really long period of time by very few individuals. So we had term liment. It might not addressed directly like the blood lineage piece of it, but like there's you know, but it would certainly affect somebody's, like an individual's ability to hold this sea for like a very long time. I mean we just actually don't see dynasties happen very much in American history, like they're not that men. What I just happen to be going up against like the longest one that, like I sells this like a congressional seat. Are you friend? I you know what you can I ask you, like are you? Are you personally afraid to go up against this dynasty, because I think if I were you, I would fear for my own safety. I don't know why, I just feel like I would. It's probably not even justified, but if I'm going up against this powerful family, I'd be a little bit scared. I mean, yeah, it was scary in the beginning, like I mean, I was kind of like trying to talk about it was very strangesy, right, like I was really like medical student, like I'm never UN probs for like I'm an organized I have been like organizing in the world of politics, but I've like never been never like I'm barely well up to run right. I mean I don't think like initially it's like really scary, like really scary, but then your start and you're like what's the big deal? You know, like they are powerful in the sense that they've a lot of sway and influence among other political eaters and like we're not going to get the endorsements from political people, but like they didn't have the mafia, like they don't control. No, yeah, I mean...

I don't like I don't saying they're gonna do anything violent. Like I mean it could just be even like you go up against a powerful family like that, they could easily dig up some social media post or like some dirt on you. I'm not saying that you have any, but you never know, like something could be taken out of context even made up. I'm not saying they're doing this, but I'm just saying it could be like kind of a scary situation to get yourself into. Yeah, I mean, you know, like I think I was worried about all the stuff in the very beginnings, for sure, and, like I was say, you know, we were worried that they would pull some stuff to like, you know and validate our the petition signatures that we needed to get on the ballot. But, like you know, I think that there's a like a lot more like mystique and like, I don't know, just like this feeling that these people like a lot more powerful than they are, like they are. They have a hold a lot of sway and they have like deep community relationships, but they like I don't know. I mean also, I think the fact is that we have run like a very like polite race and, you know, we're just we are very direct about the facts and the fact that congressione dingle takes this money from corporations and that like she doesn't support these, she's not a progressive and that she doesn't, you know, support progressive the progressive JEVN. She doesn't support any policies in particular. Um. But, like we haven't been, you know, we haven't really done we have wanted to keep this campaign to be, you know, as full of like integrity as possible and not like be this like gross, like dirty character assassination thing. So I think both of our campaigns have done a good job of just keeping it by like issues and policies that we're both supporting or not supporting. Since right a time, one more question. We have one of the president's official comment cards and I'd like you to answer it. How would you rate trump's covid nineteen response? Good, really good or great? Oh, it's a great question. Like, I mean on opposite day I would say great, but like I don't think that's today. So I would say like horrific, but like I'd after like Villina, like actually, I think that was great. Yeah, this is like it's opposite day and say great and we're good. That works. Yeah, wells for me to day's opposite day and work up with great how does that right? Fair enough, all right. Well, thank you so much for joining us. And how can people find out more about you and your campaign and help support? Yeah, for sure. So the election is in two weeks from tomorrow. It's on August fourth. We really encourage everyone to vote absentee get their ballot early. So if they want to learn how to do that, they can learn on our website, which is Solomon Rod butcom vote. So that so loomn are ajputcom flash wrote and yeah, so please, if you live in the district, please vote. If you don't live in the district, please check out our website and you can also donate. And then we're actually going to have opportunities for people to help out nationally in terms of like making calls and doing a variety of others than, you know, volunteer tactics to help us get the vote out on for the election. So those are some ways that everyone can help out. Well, when it's signed for the general election. We hope that you'll come back and join us. will be live covering. It would be good to hear from you if you're able to drop in and we really appreciate you coming on the show. Fi, yours cross. Yeah, hopefully will win the primary and then like, yeah, our district is super progressive, so when the primary were kind of good and then we'll just like be able to hang out and do a lot of these kind of things. Will be really fun. Yeah, yeah, well, we're that's going to happen. So we're putting everything behind you and good luck to you and thanks again for joining us. Thank you. Yeah, thank you so much. This is a lot of fun. Oh, thank you so much. Thank you. Have a good night, have a good one to buy. Bye. All right, there's the future. Doctor, Dr Congress men. That's like too much. Hopefully, hopefully, congressmen. Yeah, Right, oh well, hopefully, yeah, doc, hopefully both at some point, although we have, we have one of those right now. Is Name is Rand Paul and and that's really not that. He's an eye doctor. Let's are here, Doctor. Okay, we'll be right, but I'm not. I'm not. I'm not trying to belittle what he does or what he's a doctor of, but he's not fucking open heart surgery here. Listen, eyes are pretty complicated. Hey, okay, I go to I go to night doctor all the time and I I respect what he does. I'll themologist. Is that what they're called? Yes, something like that. What do I know? I'm not a doctor. You're not a doctor, R back, but play one on TV. All right. So what a show. What a show, so much happening, and that's it. Now we have to wrap it up and act like we... to it all, but we did not. We did not get to it all. I would like to say that the Washington nationals just announced that Dr Fouchy will be throwing out the first pitch this year. Hey, Dr Fouchy, don't give him coronavirus please. I thought that was pretty funny, because we all remember last year where DJT got booed at a national's game. Right, Oh, was that only last Oh, that was last year. Yeah, I may. It was two years ago. I don't know what. What Day? Is it anymore like ten years ago? Hmm? Yeah, pretty funny, but yeah, thanks to our guests this episode. And Yeah, Vote Dot Org. Go there registered to vote. Checker voter registration. Get your APPs in t velt. You can all do right there. Vote on a Worg here at Idell be we're wanting to start our just fucking vote campaign pretty soon, so that will be fun. Love it and also fucking vote. Special announcement. I think we've announced this yet, but we will be live on election night. We're promoting this way in advance, so hang out with us on November. Is it three or four? Thirtier third? We will, yeah, be live right here, and I do will be one way or another. Whether it's socially distance or not, we'll find out based on how covid is going. And we party got to be either yeah, sweet, sweet party or just the SOB fast. Who knows, we might leave crying, but we'll feel like we're doing something, because I honestly I can't sit there watching TV. I'll get too nervous. If we're doing a show, at least be somewhat occupied that and we'll have all of our former guests on, hopefully throughout the night. Yeah, I would love to check in with all of our guests, like, even if they haven't won their primary, it'd be cool to have their perspective, because these are people who are like well versed in politics, way more than we are. Yeah, anyways, we'll see everybody next time by appreciate it very much. Tim Apple or a mask.

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