It's News to Us
It's News to Us

Episode 150 · 1 year ago

Guest: Tom Nelson for Senate, Voting Restrictions


Guest Tom Nelson is running for Senate in the 2022 election to represent Wisconsin. He joins the show via Zoom.

Also, the Brennan Center for Justice identified more than 100 bills in 28 states meant to restrict voting access. We take a look at three states, Georgia, Florida and Texas.

All right, it's news to us here live on IDB radio. What's going on? Everybody? Hello, Jason Katie are here? Hi, Hey, hey, guys. Sorry, how's it go? Yeah, you can follow the show on twitter if you want to do that. It's news to us. A lot to talk about this week. We're gonna have a guest coming on. Tom Nelson is running for Senate in the two thousand and twenty two elections represent Wisconsin and he's going to join us on zoom who. Yeah, looking forward to that chat with Tom Nelson here and just a minute. But first, the Brennan Center for Justice. They found more than a hundred bills and twenty eight states that are all about restricting voting access. So we're going to look at that and talk about three of those states. Three. How many? Three, three, three, three of those states. I thought we were doing two. We're gonna talk about Georgia, Florida and Texas. Who? Texas? HMM, yeah, wow, ward will be doing that. And Yeah, so that's what that's what the agenda is this week. Should we hit the button here? Oh, by the way, Chris might be joining us live at some point. We don't know for sure. So whatever, if he. If he pops in, we'll put him on the air. If if not, that's fine too, but it's news to us in the radio. Yes, here we are. We're also live streaming video again. We're back to doing that. So hopefully this doesn't crap out on us. If you want to watch along, you can on our youtube, on our twitch or also on our facebook page live right now. It's news to us. How are you guys doing? Katie and Jason, let's checking with you guys real quick before we get to what's going on our social media, because we have a lot on our social media. whoof we're doing excellent. Yes, we are. You guys actually just got your first covid shot. We did, thanks to you. How did that go? I had that go. Yes, I met you guys. Cut in front of like five elderly people, but you're at a part of the your part. I did feel guilty about that. You dreve no, it's okay. You're part of the media. You're very important of that. Or was that how we got in? Yeah, you're part of the media, so you know. No, actually really didn't cut in front of anybody. You're totally fine, but congratulations, because people our age are starting to get this shot here. I don't know if you guys have heard this from people our age, but a lot are, because I guess it's yeah, we saw a lot like when we were there, we saw a lot of people our age. Yeah, yeah, waiting. A lot of twenty three year olds are somehow getting this and you know, all right. So I it was a weight lifted, like, I have to say, like getting the shot like you felt like a sense of like anxiety lifted from you from the past year. It was, it was actually really cool. Yeah, since a relief and eighty here ride. Katie had tears of joy and just did I shut a few tears of joy. Yeah, Oh, it was a big moment. Well, that's that's so cool. I'm glad. I scourage everyone. If you get an opportunity to get vaccinated, please do so. which shot did you guys get? FISER visor? Any side effect? So arm, I didn't feel great Saturday night. Yeah, like just a little, like a tired. Yeah. Well, I literally you not too bad. My arm was sore until today. Okay, well, so we're sight. Yeah, it's really not that bad. Well, I'm really glad that you guys got it. It was like a flu shot me. All right, let's go to our social media and find out what's happening there. IDW Radio, follow Eich news to us on twitter. A Lot's happening on social media. I pull went up asking what do you think of President Biden's performance so far? We had twenty onezero votes on this. And Well, Oh, sorry, says twenty one votes. The the responses or options where a May, average, Joe, pretty good or excellent. Sixty one one percent said excellent and then twenty percent said pretty good, nine percent average, nine percent May. So you know, just I just want to prove that. I think like doing pulls like that proved to our audience that we have people from all, you know, sides of the coin listening to this show. Yeah, we're not great, yeah, right, yeah, m right, right. So that's why I brought that one up. Also on our twitter, it's news to us. Follow us on there. Oh, Ted crews, there's a new photo that came out of Ted crews just yesterday and he's like he's just standing...

...there staring at something. He looks like he's said like a blank stare on his face. I wish I could show this photo of him right now. Maybe I'll figure out that in a second. But he's just like he has a he's a stain on his shirt and this photo. Filthy Asshole, Hey, stay by my shirt, he's so gross. Well, so we ask people to caption the the photo is the thing, and there we got. I can bring it up, HMM. But yeah, like caption that, caption the photo on. there. There he is. I think people can see that on our live stream. So there's this there's this stain on his t shirt and we said, what do you think the stain is on Ted cruise t shirt. What do you guys think that is? I think that's what a short looks like after he's been on twitter for an hour spooge us. Some of the responses were, let's look at our twitter here. Somebody said what a Burger secret sauce. Somebody said, yourn'll splashback Lindsay Graham, Lindsay Curry's grahams on his t shirt. That's gross, so gross. But yeah, he's just he's just an interesting guy, right, yeah, something like that. He was wishing he was in Cancun in this photo. That's why I was a blank look on his face. I should be in can't con with my Uife, but I'm not. I am something the wrong part of Mexico right now. Yeah, and then finally, on our social media, follow us. It's a news to us. On twitter, if you want to keep up throughout the week, we put out O her hang out. It's going to bring up our show prep on the live stream. We get to see behind the scenes. But there was this tweet that went out that said, once we have a surplus of the vaccine, do you think airlines should require passengers to vaccinate or to have vaccination to travel? And a lot of people were like, yeah, this is a really good idea, this should happen. I think so. Yeah, almost like a passport. Yeah, like I think it should be required to like get into concerts and, you know, go to amusement parks, and then that way those of us who were responsible can carry our life on like normal. Yeah, if you want to be a Shitty it, then you know, I was thinking about this. Like how hard is it to print off piece of paper that looks like one of these cards? I mean pretty easy. I mean I'm sure you can counterfeit this pretty so easy. Well, they'd have to make it easy. Yeah, they'd have to make more valid type of passport. Well, pretty much argument everybody. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, to have a document. And I guess some like cruise lines and major sporting events, are already requiring proof of vaccination. So if you get your vaccine, save that card, take a photo of it. Did you guys do that? Make sure you back it up. Yep, and when we get the second one, will laminate it. Yeah, rutgers universities requiring students to be vaccinated. Do in person classes next? Well, Oh, really? Yep, wow, I think you're going to see a lot of colleges going that route, probably for the best, probably most most public schools, you know. Yeah, well, voter, registrate or voter, shall I say, suppression, and the Suppression of registrate station and other things around voting is is like going into high gear right now. Florida, Georgia and, as we said at the start of the show, twenty eight states. A hundred bills are being proposed right now to limit voting across the United States and that is part of the dirty deeds. And look at this week's most important stories. Let's start out with okay, let's start out with Georgia. Georgia. What's happening in Georgia, Katie, because we'll go to Georgia, Florida and then Texas well. In Georgia, on Thursday, that Georgia state legislature passed the Election Integrity Act of two thousand and twenty one, they call it. It's basically a bunch of voter suppression crap. The key elements of the legislation are that they ensure new idea requirements for requesting mail in ballots, replacing the current system with some which simply requires the signature. It bans the practice of giving food and water to voters in line at polling station. That's... ridiculous. Come on. Is Super Crazy because Georgia is also known for having incredibly long lines to vote. They reduce the amount of polling places. Yeah, and they've also were use the amount of pulling places went on top of their already incredibly long lines. So people are protesting this and there was one state wallowing her that was actually arrested. Did you guys? So you don't what you know? What's crazy about this is the state the house. The State House in Georgia passed it Thursday morning, went to the Senate they pass it and then went to the governor to sign and he signed it televised closed door Thursday evening. So went through all three chambers and that's what we have. One day we have a video of that protest right here. Go ahead, Katie, then I'll play the video. I mean, the bill gets even worse than that because it gives the state legislature and more power to take control of voting operations. They say if problems are reported. But basically, just like how Donald Trump called everybody in Georgia trying to get the election overturned this year, the only mechanisms that were in place to stop it were the the secretary of state and other people in government were able to say I legally can't do that. Well, they just removed all those road blocks. So the next time somebody like DONALD TRUMP SAYS I won't election overturned, the Georgia state legislature is in a position to do that. They can do it now on their own truition and they can also do it a county level throughout Georgia. So if a Democrat wins anywhere in Georgia and they don't like the outcome of that election, they can go in and overturn that election. And here is Georgia State Representative Park Canon, a Democrat. She was protesting that the closed door saying that you guys just mentioned, and she was actually arrested in is now facing two felony charges. Here's that video. The governor as signing a bill that affects all Georgians. Why is he doing it in private and why is he trying to keep elected officials, who are representing us, out of the process? Exactly are you? No, you are not reprevation. She's not under arrest. What? What? Under arrest her? What for trying to see something that our governor is doing? Our governor is signing a bill that affects all Georgians. Are you're going to arrest and elected representative? Why are you arresting her? Call us now. Why are you arresting her cited? Give me a reason, why you are arresting her. Give me a reason. Of course they wouldn't give a reason, and now she's facing two felony charges for protesting that really messed up stuff that's happening right now. That's crazy and like she wasn't even protesting it, she was just asking to get into watch. Well, I guess. Yeah, I mean, so, what are the felony charges? I want to know, like, what exactly did she what law did she break? She's an elected representative. That was I mean, she has every right to be there, right, what was the big deal? She's accused of being democratic. Right, right, mccra Marga, I have no idea actually anything else with Georgia, because George is like, I mean, so there's what else is happening, Katie, because there's so much happening in Georgia. Well, they're also shortening the early voting period for all runoff elections because they just lost two seats in the Senate through runoff. Yeah, and they're limiting the number of drop boxes in which people can place their absentee ballots, so they'll basically have to travel further weight in line to drop them off. The big thing with this, though, is there they're saying it's like election integrity, even though the Georgia election for two thousand and twenty was recounted like three different times and there was no voter fraud. fould like the results were confirmed three different times. Yes, I can counted to so what integrity are they talking about? Yeah, and another huge argument they have for this is that they're streamlining voting and counting procedures to ensure the elector election integrity. HMM. And people are upset about this, obviously. And so a lot of businesses are based out of Georgia, including Cocacola and also the Lat Delta Airlines, yes, Home Depot, Yep,...

...and the film industry shoots a lot of TV shows in Georgie as well. So there's calls for boycotts and and all these companies to get out of Georgia. Major League Baseball is the players union wants to move the Allstar game out of Georgia. Now good, I hope they do. So, you know what, why should? Why should anybody? Why should, why should the the nation as a whole, support George's economy when they're up to this kind of Anti Democracy Bullshit? I agree. But it's not just it's not just Georgia. So meanwhile in Florida, what is happening in Florida? Katie? Well, on the same exact day that the insurrectionists were storming our countries, capital trump, allied to Santis, was promoting another terrible bill called hb one, well, two of them. HB ONE IN SB hundred and eighty four. So these are proposals that are meant to repress black lives matter and other social justice protests throughout so eight. This is, like some people are saying, it's a precursor to some some some some laws that people are really going to e, because if you make it hard to protest, then you know that means they're about to do something really effed up. is in protests the form of speech? Yeah, yeah, it's protect by the first that of a constitution. Yeah, it is, but do you think? You think these guys care about that? So HB one would send people to prison for up to fifteen years for pulling down a confederate flag. Yeah, oh Lord, going out here Florida. What's going on? And also again there is this thing with you know, you can't, actually you can't give people waiting in line to vote water. That's also part of it too, just like just like Georgia, you can't, you can't give people water. But here's actually a video clip. This is bill sponsor governor, or. What's his name? The bill sponsor Governor Gone Wild. That can't be as real twitter handle, is it? No, know what it really is, but it break lawsy in goal in Goglia. His real twitter handles governor gone wild. Okay, he's from Florida. He sponsored the bill and here here he is, trying to explain the reasoning behind not giving people waiting in line to vote water. A couple of things about water and wine. I do think that giving and soliciting voters in line is a problem in certain areas and when you give something of value to a voter, especially if you're a candidate and you're handing out something of value to somebody in line, I think those people are more apt to think about voting for you because, Oh, you gave me an Aqua Penas, so now I'm going to vote for you. Yeah, you mean eighty two cent water. I don't care what you think about a policy, I got free water. I mean, this is how these politicians think, because they're so easily bought, like I'm sure he was probably bought by the Republican Party with a six pack of Coke Zero, you know, fucking Coca Cola strike. So again it's just so ridiculous. Okay, so that's what's happening. So this is happening all over the country and meanwhile in Texas so, I mean trump one Texas by fewer than six percentage points, and that is the thinness margin of victory for any geop nominee in America's, you know, a biggest red state over there, Texas. So now they're going to try to make it harder for people to vote because it was a really thin margin, so scarred. Yeah, so same thing is happening in Texas as well. I mean, like this is all just so anti democracy, all of it. All of it is. It's like, I can't wait someone to make it so you can't vote. So one thing. So the absentee ballot thing in in Texas is always been a big point of contention. In fact, they didn't have a lot of that option even during the pandemic. And now they're going to try to make it even harder to have an absentee bellot in Texas. You'll have to have a doctor's note certifying that you're able to have an absentee ballot, a doctor's note, which I mean I'm sure there's like a lot of liberal doctors in Austin that I'll just write that for you along with your marijuana prescription. So I was gonna say they should start hand them out like they do medical ID curtain Colorado, I mean the way they handle winter storms. Yeah, and elections. I mean it's about goes hand in hand, like you can't be surprised, right, like, yeah, I know, unbelievable, Jesus Christ. So we are democracies under attack, like everywhere and again, again again. It's no surprise, though, and it's between these election years that they try to get all this stuff going with not a lot of people are paying attention. So we...

...thought it was important to bring all this stuff up this week. But how can you, what can you do about it? I think you know, it's important to look at these companies that are based in Georgia and consider maybe boycotting or at least contacting some of these companies and tell him that that they that you disapprove of what they're doing. Coke, for example. If you just Google Cocacola company, contact us to have a contact form. You can tell them that they better get their shit together, or are you are going to stop buying coke products? Real, Whoa and you just bought coke products. Wow, we take a minute of your time. Really. Yeah, I was just thinking if I use any of these products and I don't think I do, but we have cocon our well cook energy drinks in off fridge right now. You got to give him a chance, though. I gotta get my chance. Yeah, give them a chance first. Say Hey, if you don't, if you don't get your shit together, then also not doing it anymore. But if they then, but you know what you bought. It is fine. Maybe tell them that I just bought. Yeah, well, we ate again, we're gonna tweet it. Yeah, look, I supported you. You do your part now or this never again. Yeah, we're breaking up. Also, stop watching the walking dead, because they shoot that there, but people stop watching a worry years ago. Gonna, I've done done. Shady walked that. You. You're done with it. Yeah, I quit, like so many seasons, so many movies and shows that are filmed in Georgia, though. Oh yeah, it's it's a yeah, exactly right. Yeah, actually, and liberal Hollywood is probably not going to stand for this, those liberals over there in Hollywood, those damn liberals, those damn woke liberals. So that's so you can do about that. And people online are talking about organizing and stuff. There's Hashtags, just all that, but this is going to be an ongoing fight. Of course. What needs to happen on a national level as voter reform. We talked about that was last week or so, like with Democrats need to try to push through. So go back to our little buster. So, yeah, I get rid of a Philips's a lot of work to be done. I'll get rid of the filibuster, then voter reform. So and a lot of these these voting laws are blatantly racist to eat, and we didn't mention that because that's really important to match mentioned because they they're all targeted at, you know, communities of color. A lot of them are. So it's just really messed up. Maybe everybody needs to have the right to vote Al Gore like Colorado. Yeah, Colorado is pretty good. What everyone fucking vote by mail? Yeah, if only Republicans cared about voting as much as they care about their guns. Like it's easier to vote my free are easier to get guns into a vote in Georgia, Florida and Texas. Now, right, I know, right. Well, coming up we're going to talk to our guests and excited about this, the two thousand and twenty two election. It's already heating up. I guess it is right because, like it's going to really start getting crazy here by the end of the year. So we're a little bit ahead of the game. Tom Nelson is running for Senate Wisconsin and he's going to be joining us next right here live on. It's news to us. I'm Tom Nelson. I to gave me cone executive and Kennidate for US Senate. Nine teen years ago this month, my mom passed away from breast cancer. She fought down lea for eleven years. She was strong, but she was also fortunate. She had health insurance. Not all of us can say that. In fact, thirty million Americans are without insurance and many more are under ensured. So we'll talk to Tom Nelson about that. He's very passionate about that topic, obviously for a very good reason. And he's also really passionate about union he actually wrote a book of on unionizing and there's a big story right now with Amazon, with people trying to unionize there. So we'll get his opinion on that and more. I think it should be an interesting conversation. You guys ready to talk to him? Should we get him online? Yeah, I guess we should. It's about that time we're right back, though. Don't go anywhere. It's news to us. We are live on a DOB radio. We're also a live screaming video to if you want to watch that, that's available at our youtube channel, also our twitch and facebook. I guess probably the easiest way, if you're listening you want to watch, just to go to facebookcom slash. It's news to us for right now. We'll figure that out so it's all one place eventually, but we're right back. Don't go anywhere. It's news to us. Iw Radio. Okay, it's news to us. We're live on I DOB radio. We're back here with our guests. Very excited to talk to Mr Tom Nelson.

He's a Democrat running for well, for Congress, for Senate in the two thousand and twenty two election coming up here quicker than we know, and to represent Wisconsin. He was a Bernie Sanders delegates at the two thousand and twenty dn see. He ran for a Lieutenant Governor and two thousand and ten and he's the author of a book too, called one day stronger, how one union local saved a mill and change in the industry. Get his lots talk about there with Amazon and stuff. So we can get to that too. And also, Mr Nelson just announced that he is beating Ron Johnson in a pool by four points. That's breaking news. Welcome to the show. Great to be on. How about that? Ron Johnson has been in the US Center for over ten years. I'm missed a little account executive not againy county in Wisconsin and I'm beaten him by four points. That is ano sing web it. I mean, look at you, sor right about it. You should feel great about that. That is a big feat and I mean I would you must be like over the moon about that right. Well, here this is so what I ran for theutenant governor, com therett's who was running for governor. I was pendant governor and he's now the Mare Milwaukee, still in there milwaukee. He had told me that when you campaign it's careful not to ride the highs or self for the lows, but just try to, you know, just kind of keep an even Keelens. I think it's especially important since this will I've been at twenty four one campaign to know. It's great news. Were really excited. All the work that we have done the last five was five and a half months, has really paid off, at least at this point. Now, this is one milestone, but we've got a long ways absolutely you guys and we're behind you on this campaign. We want you guys to go all the way. So we want to make that we try not to be biased here, but we are. So the cats out of the bag before we talk about the policy questions. Get at I mean the Fox News. Everybody knows their perspective, so why should we try to hide ours? Right, at least we're honest about it. Yeah, I agree. At least you're honest about that's what counts. That's right, before we get into some of these policy questions, because there's a lot to talk to about there. We like to get to know our our candidate guests on a personal level a little bit. Jason, you had a question, right, was that? Yeah, I do. Yeah, that was my question. Yeah, I'm just wondering. I'm just curious if you think that spotted cow is the best beer ever made. I think I'm more partial. I was partial to landing Krugals, but we've got a really, really good briller called stone cellar space in Appleton and that is far and away the best. I would say there is a close seconds, on a close second with central waters. Let me kind of reverse it now, because dead carry from New Glais supporting me. has supported me in the past and he's chipped in here and there. So I should kind of backed that up about fifteen seconds. I Love New Glaris, I love spot of cow and we are blessed Game Wisconsin to had any number of brewers. Not just the professional sports team, though, but it's something that we all take a lot of pride and so a lot of good, a lot of a lot, a lot of good or is all around the state right absolutely. To follow up to that, I have a follow up. Do you want a truck bicycle? I don't. What's okay, I guess I said I what. I what? What do we say? We start top the hour, about the hour? Honest, let's just be honest. I actually do not. Well, thank you for I'll go and buy one. So next time I have a question like this, I can be I can be honest and I can be running. Don't. Don't buy one just to be cool. It's okay. I appreciate the honesty and you probably can't buy one anyway right now. I'm just wondering, because truck is based in Wisconsin as well. Yeah, it's a great Wisconsin Company. I think you can, you know, count on one hand and number of establish bish Wisconsin brands. Trek is easily in the top five. You got the packers, you've got Harley, you've got Johnson, Bille blots and you have trek bussicle. That's right. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Well. So this other question, who wrote that? Was that? Was that comety as well? Okay, Jason, go for you all. You're all on it. Yeah, what was this other one? Yeah, well, I just want to get to know you more. What was the last TV show that you bench watched? My wife and I are watching called the split. Called the split and it's actually it's kind of I...

...mean wonder if we should really be watching this husband and wife, because it the premise is a law firm in London of family divorce lawyers. But you know, we've been, I shouldn't say we're we're binge watching me, because when you're running a US Senate race and you're running the county binge watching me and you sit down watch for ten hours. We usually watch it probably about fifteen minutes at a time, just because at the end of the day, we probably had just fifteen minutes left in us before we just crash and fall its. So that's the last one. But there's, you know, there's a number of good ones to you know, I netflix is outways good. That's some really good one. It seems like. Well, you know, making a murderer. That you know. I've watched in a couple of years, though, but that was a really good one. Speaking of was yeah, there was a there was a second season to that making murder right, I tried to watch. I didn't watch that. I didn't. Yeah, nobody did. Nobody did. UNFORE, is hard to watch. But all right. Well, let's let's talk about some actual business, I suppose. I guess that's why you're here. You're not here talk about Netflix. So you recently put up a on your time. Whatever you guys want to talk about, you ask the questions, I'll give the answers. All Fair enough. Well, like Radio Shack, remember that twenty years ago. You have questions, we have answered. Yes, childhood and yeah, the S E marcial ring. You Got Questions, we got answers right, and we still have radio shack? No, they're all out of business. They're all gone, I think. Yeah, they went the way of blockbuster, no longer with us but such a major part of our lives for a long time. So you put up this billboard watching the documentary. Yeah, go ahead, I was. I was just me, speaking of yeah, yeah, speaking of binge watching documentaries, and I'm sure, I think it's on. It might be on. Who that there is a documentary on the rise and fall of block you know. Yeah, things where I kind of start watching thee and then my wife says now let's go back to watching the split and I'm like, okay, we got fifty more minutes to go. If Fin will watch the split by did see it just I mean I watch that blockbuster documentary before I fell asleep a few nights ago and it honestly put me to sleep. So if you want something to put you to bed, I would recommend gainst me alims. It wasn't bad, though. I mean I'm saying it was bad. I was just kind of silly, just kind of silly. There was another one where where I just kind of caught it like halfway through and you know, it was Bill Gates and Warm Buffet in the candy store, and it's not an opening line to a joke, but I just saw is it? What's going on her? They were no, really, I mean was a candy shop. You have warm buffet and Bill Gates. So if there's any listeners out there or viewers hard we're doing that. Know what I'm talking about hauling? Let us know, because it's going to bug me right now. One triple late nine and Adobie, if you know that. One hundred and eight three sixty two for so let's talk about your soles. You put up this billboard that I thought was like really punk rock and pretty cool, and it really pissed off Ron Johnson and he like he even went on a couple of talk am talk shows and and expressed his dismay over this billboard. What did it say and how did you get the idea for this billboard? Well, we've had three billboards now. The most recent one said, and this is one that he really got angry about, is there is one a there's no place for racism in Wisconsin. And of course it was a response to the comments they had made previously to that. And so there was there was a Milwaukee Journal business reporter who took video of a speech that Ron Johnson was given. Things like two weeks ago and he said, you know, every time I go on the on and off ramp, I see this billboard. That's kind of pause there, because we spent a lot of time trying to figure out, you know, what exit he goes on and off the most so that he can see this billboard. And turned out that it worked out because he said as much during this during this meeting, and he said, you know, this billboard, it's calling me a racist. Pauses and like the crowds like grumble, grumble, and he says thank you, Tom Nelson. So I guess I have a couple of rental units in its head or something. I'm kind of a kind of surprised by that too. I mean it takes a billboard to get the attention of a US senator. So we found that answer, but before that we had two other billboards. We had a really, really good response. And it's just one way.

I mean this is an upstar campaign. I'm just a little county executive, little pastor's kid for Madigamy County. We don't have millions and millions like Ron Johnson, and the guy's worth a lot of money. I'm not sun the law of a billionaire. So you got to kind of think of those creative ideas to build your brand, to get the message out. And one of the reasons why I got in this race is always I did OC coverer twenty six. So we just passed our five month anniversary three days ago. was counting. But I thought it was important that we give no quarter, that we give no one more day, one more week or one more month the run Johns without holding him accountable. So that was a week before two thousand and twenty election. And sure enough, you then had the hearings where he during the homeland security work, he was pushing out this this, these covid vaccines that were not it was just a bunch of fake vaccines. You had challenging and question the results of the election, which of course led to the insurrection. Yet anywhere six and we weren't really prepared or expecting that Ron Johns would go so for farth are to undermine the fight against Covid, to continue the question, undermine the results of a free and fair election, that ginned up this group, that led to the insurrection on the capital, and then things have just tumbled from there and gotten worse. Words and as far as that goes, what do you think should the what should the consequence for Ron Johnson and others like Ted Cruz be for participating in this insurrection from the inside? I mean the journal Sentinell called it shortly after. We call them, Ron Johnson to resign, and I call, like I think it was, insruction happen ear early afternoon and by four clock. I said that said this fellows GATT a resign. So we've pushed for resigning. We've pushed for some sort of action that the US and it can take to get rid of them. I think what this is going to come down to. I think this is going to come down to a good old fashion beat him on, you know, take him on this election. And you know what about criminal charges? Don't you think what happened was criminal? Because in many eyes of Americans, what went down on that day was a form of treason and insurrection and sedation, all those things are, I mean, the highest crimes you could have in this country. Why do you think that those types of charges are so are being brought up enough, for the ideas of those charges aren't being brought up enough. That's a good question and I think one thing that we've seen, though, is it's just one thing after another that he is saying to the point that you forget what he did and said two or three weeks ago. I mean, you know, Ron Johnson has picked up, you know, donald trump's shoes and doing exactly what Donald Trump had been doing for five years. And so the difficulty I have is just keeping up with this guy. But you look at what happened in January six, completely unprecedented in modern history, and we know what happened. This is something you know, people said. Well, you know it is. This still be be an issue the point two election. Of course it's going to be an Asian point two elections, between Asian twenty four election of twenty six election. This is going to take a really big chapter in American history. You'll never they will never forget what happened on Janu way six. So it is a little it's a little surprising and perhaps a little disheartening that we aren't dealing, you know, with this issue. Is, I think, as I think we should, and that's another reason why you need to have a strong campaign that is holding him accountable. Well, that's a good question. I mean, where should we go from this point? If we haven't acted on it yet, when are people going to act on it when we actually do something about I mean, don't you think if we're just really cavalier about this and we say, Oh, you know, we'll just elect this guy out, are we inviting other people to do it, do this sort of thing again? I think that's kind of one of those big arguments out there, is if the consequence isn't strong enough once to stop others from trying again. That's exactly right and I think that we need to have you know, very you know, whether it's just giving these guys are show whacking in their reelection or pushing them to resign. You know, they're you know, it's just frustrating, and that's the big thing is not just you know, what kind of consequences should they you know, should they get? You know, should they take for what they did, though? But what is the coin? A message that this is going to sent for the next election? You know, you...

...see what's going on with with with Georgia. I mean this is starting all over again. I mean here you are, only two or three months after January six and we still have people. They're just beginning to push these changes in election a lot disenfranchise more more people. So you're so you're messing with this. You know, you're changing the law and you are creating the basis for people to challenge the results of the next election and we could be just right back where we were before. Yeah, well, I that's a very real possibility that's going to happen. But let's let's Swish gears a little bit here. So you wrote a book on unions, and or a union in particular, and right now Amazon is under a lot of fire because of the way that they treat their employees. One Amazon driver said in a recent report quote, every single day my shift I have to use the restroom and a bottle to finish my route on time. This is so common that you'll often find bottles from other drivers located under seats in the vans all. So how do we get these companies, especially the Amazon that, of course, is held by the richest man in the world and, of course, the Waltens of Walmart? How do we get these companies to pay their employees a fair and thriving wage? We need to completely overhaul labor law. I was doing this interview earlier and we have not seen significant major pro union labor reform for almost eighty years. The last time we had a significant change was giving workers the ability to collectors lead bargain, and that ha been back during the Great Depression. So it's been a long time that we've had any type of update. And obviously, you know, work is a lot different today than it was during the Great Depression. So our labor laws are completely outdated. We've not really had an opportunity to do anything about that because we've either had divided government or, the instance twelve years ago, for whatever reason it just didn't really get on someone's radar. But we know that improving labor law get you know, giving the opportunity for people to organize, all workers to organize, is not just is not just the you know. No, it's just not. Not only is the path that to to make sure that you of decent working conditions, but that you know, you're able to, you know, build up an entire you know workforce. You know, that's the story of how the middle class was built here in the Fox valley through good pain Union paper jobs. If it had not been for that line of work, you had not been for a robust labor movement. I don't think that we would have the middle class that we have here today and that story, that story can happen for Amazon drivers. But we have to have a change in law. It is long past time that we've had some. We have a couple of good champions in the US Senate. You have people like shared Brown. We need more people like share a brown that will look at these economic issues, that will look at all issues to the Lens of organized labor. You know, you know, you know, whether it's healthcare, whether it's a green new deal, you know you're not just talking about one set of issues. You're talking about a lot of things that affect all walks away, and I mean you're thinking until we have that right ahead. I'm sorry. Well, you're what you're saying, though. I mean you're sort of preaching to the choir here, of course. So I mean my question to you would be beyond preaching to the choir, because we all agree at all of these the statements has as somebody running for office, how do you convince someone on the right that these ideas are things that will benefit them, because we've seen time and time again people voting against their best interest. So what is your approach? When talking to these folks. Well, I think what it comes down to it, you know, you know, regardless of whether you're a Democrat or Republican voter, independent voter, we all want the same thing. We want to have good jobs, we want to have a safe we want to have safe communities, we want to all have access to good health insurance, and so I think if you talk on those overall goals, I think you can build a coalition of support and we know that accomplishing those objectives the path assured. The sure way to do that is through the Labor movement. You know how we have addressed issues of inequality, how we've addressed issues of having fair trade laws, not these bad trade law, trade deals their ship jobs will receive. That had nail manufacturing state like Wisconsin. But using labor... a way to improve all of these issues. And I think it mean me, it makes a lot of sense. But I think one maybe Democrats have not good to have not done a good job of communicating that. But even before talking about those issues, we really haven't, you know, you know, we haven't really given folks a reason to vote. I mean we need to come off with specific, concrete objectives and then we also have to show result. We have to accomplish these things. A really good examples the ACA. A lot of people lost re election in two thousand and ten, but it took four, five or six years for people, you know, that have a broad consensus recognizing this was important. This is important, though, because millions of Americans that access to health insurance where they did not have health insurance to begin with. So the thing about that is you is it's going to take time, unfortunately, more than just one election cycle. You accomplished these accomplish these decades. Well, we wish you the best of luck and all that and I know that your campaign is you know, and it's early stages and we'll be keeping an eye on everything you're doing. We have to have you back again, especially as we get closer to the election. And any final questions from Jason or Katie? Do you guys have anything that you wanted to bring up before we wrap it up here with Tom Nelson? I don't have questions, but I just I would love to have you back on the show in the next few months just to check in, see how you're doing and see how you're progressing, because we're watching this race yeah, keep up the good work. Yes, and of course you can keep up with everything that Tom Nelson is doing. You can find him on his twitter account. And what is you want to plug? Go ahead and plug your website to everyone, slur Wi. So it's website Nelson for wicom on and then the handle for twitter and facebook is the same, Nelson for Wy and been for those folks. Interesting in my book. It's one day stronger bookcom, one day stronger bookcom. And, by the way, for the last thing, two and a half weeks we've been the top ten for new releases in its category at Labor policy on, wait for it, wait for it, amazoncom. So there you go, the iron welcome to the top ten for labor policy is like the irony, the irony. That's what he said. Like yeah, it's not like can sound or or is that reels? That a real dog. That's a real dog. You know, come on, our dog grown. You know the pandemic. We're all from his in timy politics. Everything's booth all right. Thanks so much for joining us. We appreciate your time and good luck with everything and we have to talk to you again very soon. All right, sounds good. Thank here. Appreciate it. There's Mr Tom Nelson and of course, yeah, Nope, there goes the dog. The Dow is going crazy. Okay, we'll be right back here on its news to us. This program that we're using to do the live stream is like so weird. I don't know how to work it exactly. So, but anyways, that's something. You're dealing it. You got it. I don't know. I don't know, but it's more important than I work the radio live stream because that's where hundreds of thousands people are listening. So yes, exactly, won't star viewers. We'll be right back. You know, we don't. We don't. We don't plug that. It's okay, it's funny. I mean it's new, so why not? We got to build it up. Are Be right back. Don't go anywhere. It's these to us. Okay, we're back on it. We radio live special thanks to our guests. Tom Nelson, follow him on Elvis Social Media and as at two thousand and twenty two, you know, race heats up, will have more candidates on. I'm sure that's what we do here before we bring it. Yeah, we'll bring it back to check in as he progresses through the campaign. Before we wrap it up. Have you guys ever noticed that old people smell funny? Are you saying that you smell funny now? I mean, I'm yeah, I'm getting old, so I must start to smell funny. They say that people when they turn forty. I'm not there yet, but I'll get there eventually, probably faster than I know people who turned forty and above. They start to admit this this chemical forty. Yeah, Comic Cook what it's called to none, no, no, no, and like that's the science. And don't, don't, don't say it. Don't, don't ever say fake. That's not fake. Nothing on the show's fake. Fake, in it's news to us. Don't go together. Thing on this show is fake. Last but yeah, so there's like...

...this, yeah, this thing, that this scent that emits from people as they get older. We're all you take us supplement to combat that. Well, what you can do is you can get a good night's sleep, exercise and drink lots of water. Otherwise you're going to smell like an old person. HMM, thanks, I'm gonna see all this is funny. The other day our daughter, yeah, came up to me and she's like you get know of them. Like what she's like. You have gray on both sides of your face down you're getting old and and then I look to the mirror today and sure shit, I have gray and both sides of my face. Do you yeah, on the beard, like really think that it's starting to really thick him up. It's gonna go through the beard, I think. First in the top of the head. I'm being Silver Fox and like ten years. Well, you know whatever, it happens to anybody. I'd rather have my hair than not, right. Yeah, yeah, they have a little bit of hair. I have enough to like be passable and then it's all you need. Yeah, come over, I pull the dog. I'll pull the trump. No, you will. Right, will pull the trump. Yeah, we also have to wear a diaper. If you're going to do that. I'm SNORT adderall, allegedly, go legly. I'm sure he has better drugs than adderall. No, I'll be like Bill Murray's character and kingpin. What was his name? We all remember that. And he's got to come over. That's like sticking straight up. Yeah, yeah, I don't real to be the actor's gonna be Bill Murray now, yes, from King Pa. I want to watch kingpin. No, yeah, I don't watch keeps my own Bison. I'm gonna do that. Are you going on vacation? By the way, Jason Katie going on vacation. Good luck you have a great vacation. Thank you. And Palm Springs is where you're going, right. Why would we tell people this? Yeah, because we all want to like, do your autograph when you're at the Palm Springs Kroger Change. Not Its Palm Beach, atty Palm Beach. Palm Beach. We're going to Florida. Think the long right at think, actually, somebody's going to traveling this spring break. We're gonna scream, bake. Yeah, they're going to spring break. Enjoy your spring break. Keep your top on, Jason, and enjoy that. Well, back next time. Thanks again, Tom Nelson. This news to us. Appreciate it very much. Tim Apple. Thank you so much to mapple for this show.

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